Citations, sites, quotas and stuff that seem to be non-neglecteble. A more non-conform way to spy on the trends and the world.
Finibus Bonorum et Malorum is a work from Cicero. Chunks of this is a part of the Lorem ipsum - the dummytexts that is used in almost every sketch that creatives in advertising use.


Prime time

The 43rd Mersenne Prime is 9,152,052 digits long and holds the record in long prime. But the search continues since EFF have put a price of hundred grand for the prime with 10 million digits.


Merry Xmas and boobs

Suicide Girls take Santa out. Topless. So truly strange.


Romance turned into horror

Yahoo! News: "Skirt-chasing playboy Daniel Anceneaux spent weeks talking with a sensual woman on the Internet before arranging a romantic rendezvous at a remote beach -- and discovering that his on-line sweetie of six months was his own mother!"

Somehow this is the time to say: Be careful outthere... (hattip to Nina)


Bad stage-diving experience

First rule of stage-diving: be sure there is someone watching. Mira forgot to check it. That hurts.


Man gets 5,000 channels on 12 dishes

Boing Boing: "Al Jessup of Beckley, West Virginia, has 12 cheap satellite dishes stuck to his house, which pull in over 5,000 free-to-air channels from satellites all over the sky. He is retired, and delights in odd and foreign programming."

"I took my b*lls out and passed them in the bag to a friend." "A rugby fan who cut out his testicles with wire cutters to mark a Wales victory is at a loss to explain why he did it."


Scientists embrace plan for cyberhugs

Yahoo! News: "The next step would be to use the same concept to transmit hugs over the Internet, it said.
'These days, parents go on a lot of business trips, but with children, hugging and touching are very important,' the paper quoted NTU Associate Professor Adrian David Cheok as saying."

But at the moment it only are functional on chickens...

Check email with a riff "Intel spokesman Simon Shipley said the new guitar would help aspiring musicians to record and playback their music, or e-mail it to prospective agents, fellow band members or friends.
They could also download and playback their favorite riffs from the Internet to try and copy the sound."


The Locks O' Truth

The Box O' Truth: "1. "How hard is it to shoot off a lock?" Answer: Very hard.
2. Pistols won't shoot a lock off or even penetrate the lock.
3. Pistols are pistols and rifles are rifles. Enough said.
4. I now understand why our troops are often seen carrying "breeching shotguns" on their backs and a rifle in their hands. Shotguns will blow a lock off. Rifles will blow holes through a lock, but will not reliably shoot one off.
5. The rifles went through the locks with ease. It is obvious that you could "knaw" off the lock, little by little with a rifle, but a shotgun does it with one shot.

I love when people really dig in with the popcultural myths! :)

Run the bike

The Bicycle Forest: "Thinking of taking the Treadmill Bike to the grocery store? Be sure to stock up on ice cream while you're there. You will have earned it."

Pong the time

C U L T I V A T E.: A clock showing the time in a game of pong.


Chinese float liquid condom concept

The Register: "It's not known who makes the NCC, but Beijing-based Chinese-Canadian condom maker Blue Cross Biomedical has been touting something along these lines for a while now. It maintains its spray-in condom 'can effectively kill gynaecological disease pathogens such as staphylococcus aureus, Candida, coliform bacillus, and can prevent sexually transmitted diseases."


Robbing Four Banks still on the Phone

Washington Post: "When it comes to multitasking, it's hard to beat the woman who can rob a bank and never interrupt her cell phone conversation.
In an act of either incredible cool or something much more sinister, a young woman has robbed four Wachovia bank branches in Northern Virginia in recent weeks, all while seemingly immersed in cell phone chats, police say."


Mattel launches Barbie clothes for women

Yahoo! News: " Toy maker Mattel Inc (NYSE:MAT - news), known for Barbie fashion dolls, is expanding the plastic icon's domain to include high-end designer clothing and accessories for adult women. [...] Weak sales of Barbie dolls, a lackluster retail environment, and strong competition have hurt Mattel recently. The company is working to raise Barbie's non-toy profile as well as tap a grown-up fan base as part of a long term plan to reinvigorate the toy brand."



Real people who have relationships with Barbaras

Boing Boing: "Like many born in the sun sign Cancer, Sidore is a
homebody, but then, she couldn't leave the comfort of the bed she
shares with Davecat even if she wanted to because Sidore is a 100-pound solid silicone Real Doll."


Hanging victim thought Halloween prank

United Press International: "The 42-year-old woman, who lived in Frederica, hung suspended from a branch for several hours, easily visible to passing motorists who dismissed it as a Halloween prank and did not alert authorities."

The Toy - SMS Controlled Vibrator

Shiny Shiny: "The Toy is discreet - as all such toys should be - remaining invisible during Bluetooth searches. And since it isn't activated until the message is read, discretion won't be undone by sounds of surprise."

Billiard with a hamster

The Sun Online: "Drunken Ackland, 31, had already tormented the tiny creature by: TRYING to “pot” her like a snooker ball using a table leg as a cue; POSTING her through a neighbour’s letterbox as a sick prank; HURLING her out of ground-floor and upstairs windows, damaging one of her legs."
John Ackland probably will loose more than his freedom - it's probable that his girlfriend won't take him back after his rather strange way to handle her pet hamster.

Late for the doc

Guardian Unlimited: "``It was total chaos,'' Horner said. ``There were so many people there that we didn't know who had been hit and injured, or who the witnesses were.''"
87-year-old Ruth Otto was in a hurry. She did miss the parking lot and smashed her car into the lobby of the hospital in Bismarck, USA.


Living skeleton

Yahoo! News: "Mothers use his name to scare their children while even adults hope they don't bump into him in the dark -- for more than 40 years Gopal Haldar has been making his living in India's Sunderbans mangrove region as a ghost. Measuring a mere 1.21 meters (four feet) and weighing a slight 24 kilograms (52 pound), Haldar -- now near to retirement age -- says he has been malnourished all his life." via (Boing Boing)

Explosive teeth

AZ Central: An Army sergeant based at Fort Huachuca walked into a bank Monday, his mouth covered in duct tape, and presented a note saying he had a bomb in his mouth, police said.[---]A bomb squad robot removed the tape. Robinson said once the tape was taken off, Lewis spat out an unidentified object, which was not an explosive device. (via Boing Boing


Twiggy: Fat folk have no excuse

This is London: "Sixties supermodel Twiggy has hit out at fat people - after replacing a size-16 woman as the new face and body of Marks and Spencer."

Ring my ass, darling

The Register: "Petronela Brandus, 24, has become the latest 'body cavity phone blagger' to have her collar felt after police stopped the suspected thief as she got off a bus in Iasi. Passengers had apparently seen the 24-year-old lift the device, but cops could find no trace of it.[...]In the time-honoured fashion, they then rang the number and heard the tell-tale sound of internal phone action. In this case, however, Brandus had not gone for the relatively-simple vaginal option, but rather the less convenient back passage route."


Too sexy for the job Caterina Bonci, 38, got sacked from her work as a teacher in religion. The official explanation is that she had a divorce. But the fact is that she had it back in 2000 and scratching on the official explanation's surface she was sacked because of her looks. She was too good-looking.

Bonci said she separated from her husband in 1995 and divorced in 2000 and that both events had not affected her job or raised eyebrows from her employers at the time.

She said reports that fathers accompanied their children to religion classes so they could look at her meant little to her as long as the children came to class.

"When a woman is considered too sexy and attractive in a small town it becomes a big thing," she said.


Pet dryer

Aving: This is pretty strange. A big machine to dry wet pets.


R-trainwanker caught Remember the wanker? He is in custody. Daniel Hoyt, 43 years old will flash his "badge" inside the slammer.

The punkrockers Holy Grail

Fortean Times: A punk rock legend and an ex-music journalist from Brentford – not your average Grail hunters, one might think. Nevertheless, Rat Scabies – former drummer for The Damned – and his neighbour Christopher Dawes travelled far from their native West London in search of buried treasure and secret wisdom.

Scabies father was a Grail-hunter for years so it's not because of Brown's book. Or it is.


Fun with the mp3

Prylfeber: What so funny?


The fountain of... chocolate

Chocolate Fountain: chocolate-lovers, the spectacular Chocolate Fountain really does flow with lashings of liquid choccy. All you have to do is fill it up, turn it on and watch in wonder. Once you've recovered from the shock of seeing those mesmerising curtains of cascading Belgian chocolate you can get busy dipping your delicacies into the fountain's warm liquid embrace.

To me it looks rather dis-tasty... (via Barseblog)


The danger of bicycling

FAZED: This is no boom. Ouch! And people just continue to strolling by. The danger of bicycling indeed.


With mobilecam no perv is safe

New York Daily News: ""I saw him massaging himself and then he unzipped and pulled it out. I thought, 'I can't believe he's doing this in the middle of the day!' "
The subway car was mostly empty and Nguyen felt nervous, so she pulled out her Samsung P777 cell phone, equipped with a 1.3 megapixel digital phone.[...]"he posted the degenerate's photo on the Web sites Flickr and Craigslist, and bloggers began linking to her site.
. And here's ... Johnny!


Hot blow job

Perez Hilton gives another one: Tara Reid is one hot bitch. Kinda firing blow job on this one:

The little shemale of Tompa

Perez Hilton gives away: Who is this?

I give you some clues:
Top Gun
Making out with young Katie Holmes.


Hubby for hire

Ananova: "Nadia Manfroid, from Brussels, says she's sick of spending all her time with her husband Denis, 28.
She wants some time to herself to visit the shops or go to the cinema.
Denis has entered into the spirit of the auction and says he's willing to do everything - except have sex.
He said: "I'd prefer a lady to take me out for dinner during these four hours. But if she wants I will also do the washing up, cut the grass, paint the kitchen or watch the dog."

"I also want to escort a lady to a party. In fact I'll do anything except sex."


Rules for gunfight (re-post)

1. Have a plan.

2. Have a backup-plan if the first doesn't work.

(Pay your life insurance.). Read the Rules for a Gunfight. Strange.


Dumb villain

Probably the most stupid villain. A man tries to rob Gary Spirito, host of the Shopping Mania Auction Show in Fort Smith, Arkansas. In the middle of the show sent live over radio. The Milwaukee Channel have the stuff. (via Boing Boing)


Some sort of stupid stunt: flaring your parachute. This is the real crazy guys - bikers in NYC with a deathwish.

I love the explanation on the site:

College students never fail to come up with brilliant ideas like jumping out of the fourth floor of their dorm. I think the reason you don’t see more people doing stuff like this later on in life is because they all died in college.
and the fact that the flic have "I believe I can fly" as musiclayer...

Time for Xtreme stunts and owned stupidity

Some guys who do martial art-stunts. Totally freaked: EMC Monkeys. Check a flic here. And in the higher grounds - Joe Jennings total xtreme skydivers: the reel. Here's some outtake with a cool parkour and good stunts. And now for the real stuff: crashes compilation.
And to all us who never do stupid things: owned.


Coke river

Wired: Drug enforcement officials may soon have an accurate yet secret way to detect drug use -- the toilets of the world.
Italian scientists discovered that nearly 10 pounds of cocaine residues flow into Italy's Po River every day.

Time to stop the kids swimming in the river...


The Great Flip-Flop Scandal

Slate: "The last time a thong was glimpsed at the White House, it was clinging to the backside of Monica Lewinsky. But recently thongs of a different sort—the shoes more popularly known as flip-flops—appeared at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. In a photograph of the Northwestern University women's lacrosse team taken with President Bush, four sets of flip-flops are plainly on display. The president, a lacrosse stick in each hand, appears characteristically unfazed. The girls smile tranquilly, unaware that their exposed toes are a scandal in the making."

It would have been much more fun if the thong been on Bubya.


Tits for peace

Breasts not bombs: "On Saturday, July 23, an impromptu crew of exhibitionists and flashers decided it was a good day to expose their private parts to everyone in Berkeley. In order to avoid possible arrest, they cleverly disguised their public sexual escapade as a political protest. They dubbed the protest "Breasts Not Bombs."

Somehow it feel like Bush and his cohorts is starting the old fashioned ways of protesting... (via


It's war "Each year, months before the battle, the participants design and construct weaponry and armor to improve the quality and quantity of 'ammunition' they can fire at the opposing team. Any size/type of fireworks you can afford is fair game, with a few guidelines set in place so we don't literally blow each other to bits... completely."


via Boing Boing


Childs play

Roundabout solves water problem: "Cavorting on a roundabout has always been fun for children. Now pure, clean borehole water can be pumped into water storage tanks while the playground roundabout equipment is in use. The Play-Pump is a specifically designed and patented playground roundabout that drives conventional borehole pumps, keeping costs and maintenance to an absolute minimum, while entertaining the children."

- Kids, time to get out and play - dad wanna take a shower!. (via Boing Boing)


dailyrecord: "A MAN who shoved a fire extinguisher hose up a pal's bottom and set it off was yesterday told to pay his victim £4500 compensation.[...]He then felt an object being placed in his back passage and he became aware of a loud hissing sound and the fire extinguisher being discharged. 'He was in immediate pain but didn't realise the extent of his pain until he got up to go to work and realised he was bleeding from his rectum.'"

I say - kids, never drink and prank. Not with the fire extinguisher. Nor with your pal's rectum.


"They're covering all the bases"

Boing Boing: Willie Nelsons new album "Countryman" have made the recordlabel sort of sweaty.

One, with the pot leaves, will be the original but the Wal-Mart won't sell it so they done a palm-tree-artwork.


More on the China Way

Excite News: "A crowd of several thousand people, including China's ministers of extreme sports and culture, gathered at the Ju Yong Guan Gate about a 40-minute drive from Beijing, Quiksilver's greater China marketing director Ryan Hollis said."

Minister of extreme sports... my godness... hang loose.

Danny Way Mega X Event

Danny Way Mega X Event: Not one, not two - but five times jumping over the Great Wall of China... Danny Way and his Megaramp is totally insane...


Strange behavior

Roofskater: In development trial and error is the thing. This guy is trying. And trying. And trying.



China 'is more popular' than US

BBC NEWS: "America's image is still so tattered abroad after the Iraq war that China is viewed more favourably than the US in many countries, a global poll finds."

Tough luck for all the right-wing trolls that tries to make some communistic point outta the critic on USA.


Binary Manicure

Shiny Shiny: Binary Manicure.

Geeky ladies behave.

And some hawk-eyed nerd have read the binary to "Silver".


Pringles Mom

Exploding Cigar: "Two daughters are suing a synagogue after discovering their mother's remains had been replaced with a can of sour-cream-and-onion flavored potato chips. The incident occurred a year ago and the remains are still missing, according to the women's attorney." (Yahoo!)


Chips is flameable

Ekot: The national test department in Sweden issues a warning - potato chips are flameable!

You not only get fat but the fat-soaked potatobits can burst in flames...

Brooke Shields disses Tom Cruise

Exploding Cigar: "Brooke Shields Strikes Back at Tom Cruise. In response to Tom Cruise's criticism of her use of antidepressants, Brooke Shields has offered a gift: two tickets to see her perform in the London musical Chicago. Taking a jab at the age difference between Cruise and his girlfriend, Shields is offering the star one adult and one child ticket for the event."


G-strings verboten?

The Sun Online: German doctors are calling a ban on the G-string.

Those minimalistic thongs which have been on every women-ass for some years can "G-strings can abrade and injure the sensitive skin around the genital area — especially if they are too tight or made with badly stitched material." (via Exploding Cigar)

Nod to the weasel.


Fainting Goats

Some goats faints automatically when being excited. Look for yourself: Fainting Goats


1,82,689 SMS "1,82,689 SMS in one month. Deepak Sharma aims to increase the number to 3,00,000 in the coming month. [...] Sharma received a bill of 1411 pages this month, which was sent specially to him by Airtel. He is making the best out of Airtel's scheme of unlimited SMS with 99 paise."



I can't hear you "Doctors found around 50 maggots in the ears of an 84-year-old Thai man after he went to hospital complaining of an itch."

Sorry, what did you say?

The Museum of Foreign Dept

Reuters: "Three years after staging the largest debt default in modern history, Argentina Thursday opened what may be the first Museum of Foreign Debt to teach people the perils of borrowing abroad."

Educational creativity I say. And the museum director are somewhat a poet: "a golden cart sculpture made out of cardboard..."It symbolizes Argentina's reality: everything's golden, but it's made of cardboard and that reminds us of all those people who today collect cardboard for recycling."

Honecker a bad kisser "- Being kissed by East German Communist leader Erich Honecker was "disgusting," former Polish communist leader General Wojciech Jaruzelski... "I exchanged many embraces with Honecker. He had this disgusting way of kissing."

A though call "After a fight with his wife, the jobless Nabiullah left his family [...] During his absence, he got himself castrated and became a eunuch, earning money by singing and dancing [...] His wife, Shama Parveen, fainted when he returned home late last month and now wants a divorce."

No more booty-shaking at the game

Reuters: "The state's House of Representatives voted 85-55 to approve a bill that would forbid sexy cheers and give the Texas Education Agency authority to punish schools that allow 'overtly sexually suggestive' routines at football games and other events.".

No more booty-shaking on high-school games in Texas. The games will be pretty lame after this...

Fake ATMs "Fake ATMs have appeared at apartment buildings or in areas of the capital where there are no banks, local papers reported.".

The usual suspects place a fake panel on the ATM. Not these guys - they have constructed a complete machine. All to steal peoples PIN's.


Staged or stage-fright

It might be a prank or the worst stagefright ever seen... Tyrone on the news. Warning on weak-stomached... (via Fast Company Now and panopticist)


When security goes insane

Yahoo News: The police was called to a school in New Mexico after bystanders had spot a boy carrying a long, tinfoiled, gunlike thing into the school. Radio news was warning the parents and everything was developing into a craze. Problem was that it was Morrissey, a pupil in the school, and his gigantic burrito... (via VeryBigBlog)


When nature calls in the nature

Boing Boing:

The Bumper Dumper. A toilet mounted on the towing hitch. How... creative...


Born in the gallery "Berlin couple plan to have their first baby at an art gallery.[...] 'It's a gift to humanity, a once in a lifetime thing,' Bild newspaper
quoted Winfried Witt, partner of mother-to-be Ramune Gele, as saying.[...]30 people are expected to attend the birth, scheduled for April 24. They would be told to come to the gallery as soon as the 27-year-old Gele's contractions became regular."

The soon discover that the true art is to be able to feed, nurture and clothing the child - and at the same time keep one's sanity.

End of the fingerish Wendy-stuff

Reviewjournal: "Officer Enrique Garcia, a spokesman for San Jose police, confirmed that officers arrested Ayala in Las Vegas. He would not provide details of the arrest or the charges she will face. Those details will be announced during a news conference in San Jose today."


Password collection

Josh Rubin: Cool Hunting: "Not as titillating as some of the other items in this well-mounted collection by Spanish designer."

The waves from the top

Koh Jum Those fascinating pics of the Thai waves taken by a Swede, Anders Grawin, who was hiking up on the Mt. Pu on the morning of Dec. 26 '04.


What digit detectives can learn from a tip

Slate: A pretty nasty explanation on the police work on the finger in the Chili bowl at Wendy's.

FB&M - Wendy's working hard to find the owner of the finger
FB&M - Finger-in-chili accuser has litigious history
FB&M - More on the finger
FB&M - The mystery of the chili-fingertip.

Wendy's working hard to find the owner of the finger

MSNBC: "SAN JOSE, Calif. - Somewhere out there is a woman, dead or alive, who is missing a well-manicured finger about 1� inches long."


Finger-in-chili accuser has litigious history Anna Ayala, 39, who hired a San Jose, Calif., attorney to represent her in the Wendy’s case, has been involved in at least half a dozen legal battles in the San Francisco Bay area, according to court records. [...]“Lies, lies, lies, that’s all I am hearing,” she said. “They should look at Wendy’s. What are they hiding? Why are we being victimized again and again?”.


Shooter mourns pope's death

MSNBC: Mehmet Ali Agca, who shot and seriously wounded Pope John Paul II in 1981, said from his Turkish prison Monday that he was mourning the death of his “spiritual brother” and wanted to attend his funeral.

So totally insane.


Woman breastfeeds tiger cubs"'I felt sorry for them so I decided to feed them before their teeth grow,'. Hla Htay, 40, a relative of a Yangon Zoological Gardens staffer and a mother of three including a seven-month-old baby, stepped in when she learned the cubs needed breast milk to survive. Veterinarian Kyaw Myo Hlaing said they were being bottle-fed along with Hla Htay's half-hour breastfeeding sessions four times a day, the report said.

Bono cheers the memory of the Evil Polish Pope

BBC NEWS: U2 lead singer Bono has paid tribute to Pope John Paul II, calling him the "best frontman the Roman Catholic Church ever had". They met when they campaigned to end world debt and both were nominees for the Nobel peace prize. Bono described the late pontiff - who died on Saturday - as "a great show man, a great communicator of ideas".

For the first time in my life I feel ashamed for the man that (still though) is one of my biggest idols. Bono is (like almost the rest of the world) sanctifying the The Evil Polish. What about all the stories of cardinals and priests who has been put in jail for sexual assualt on young boys? And the pope was silent or protecting them? And the liberation theologicans in South America who have been silenced by the pontiff and in some cases the Catholic church have stood up for the landowners against the poor people.

Are we just to forget all this? Just as forgetting his conservative line in the discussion about topics like abortion, condoms, the HIV-catastrophe in Africa, the HBT-people slain or beaten up by young Christians? Forgive and forget.

No fucking way.


Strangeways here we come

Guardian Unlimited:Fifteen years ago, on the April Fool's Day, the worst riot in the juridical system of Britain was at hand. On the prison Strangeways in Manchester it all started at the Sunday sermon.

Later on The Smiths did name one of their best albums after this event.

Sick of the Christians of USA

I feel sick of the so-called Christians who totally dismiss the Terri Schiavo as some sort of symbol of life. The same Christians is putting the Bush's and the republicans in charge. They wanted to force Terri and her spouse to let her live even if the life wasn't worthy but at the same time they hail the American way in the Iraq. I feel sick.


More on the finger

Urban Legends Reference Pages: It´s true. Snopes says it is. Then it is. More on the tip-story is sure to come.

The mystery of the chili-fingertip

MSNBC: A woman was not amused when eating her hot chili at an Ohio Wendy's joint and found a fingertip in the meaty hot dish.

The police was doing their job and accounted all the employees fingers. There was ten of them on every employee.

The mystery is that the finger seem to come from a woman and that no accident have been reported at the food processing plants either.


Traffic jams because of too many people...

Deutsche Welle: "Around 80 percent of traffic jams occur because there are simply too many people on the same part of the road at the same time." (via Exploding Cigar)

No? Really?!


This marriage smells

Oddly Enough News Article | "'He spent hours taking showers three times a day and washed his hands
every few minutes,' Mina said. 'But he suddenly changed ... Now nobody, including me, my children and his colleagues, can stand him.'"
. A Iranian woman want to divorce her husband since he haven't washed for about a year. "My husband says he does not like water and does not want to take a shower ... He doesn't even wash his face when he wakes up in the morning,".

Rabies or just plain mad?

Buy some silicone Tawny Peaks found her old breast implant when cleaning her closet and have put it on eBay to be sold. The idea did she get when heard about all the crazy things sold on eBay.

But I think mrs Peaks life in the juridiciary system is more fun: Peaks won notoriety in 1998 when a man sued her and her employer, the Diamond Dolls nightclub in Clearwater, Florida, saying he suffered a whiplash injury when she swung her breasts into his face at a bachelor party. He said they were "like two cement blocks."
The parties accepted binding arbitration on "The People's Court" television show and the judge, former New York City Mayor Ed Koch, ordered a female bailiff to examine Peaks in private.
The bailiff found the breasts to be "soft" and to weigh about 2 pounds (0.9 kg) each. Koch ruled they were not dangerous and refused to award damages.

Matlock want to ban swearing "It's pathetic when people swear for the sake of it," Matlock told a television show to be broadcast Sunday. "Something ought to be done about it."
"X-Rated: The TV Shows They Tried To Ban" that he hated it when his young children heard obscenities on the airwaves."

Glen Matlock, the bass-player who was replaced by Sid Vicious in Sex Pistols. When punks grow old they get conservative, dead or writing "schlager"-tunes...

Do Americans target freed hostage?

BBC: "Italian journalist Giuliana Sgrena has suggested US troops deliberately tried to kill her moments after she was released by her kidnappers in Baghdad."

It seems like the Iraqi coalition is totally disrupted.


The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy - trailer

More on the Movie on the movie of movies: The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (via The Creative Generalist)

Cabbage-hate because of a gene

Expatica: "The German institute for Food Research in Potsdam near Berlin said the gene makes some people extraordinarily sensitive to the bitter substances phenylthiocarbamid (PTC) and propylthiouracil (PROP). Most people swallow those substances with a smile."

via Exploding Cigar.

Don't show this to my son - he is too intelligent and would use this as an argument at dinner...


Trouble for the Tidy Bowl man

Southpinellas: You'd better take an extra check next time you go on the loo. Shannon Scavotto found a rock python about six feet long in his toilet-bowl. And catched it himself since noone else seem to bother. "He called the maintenance department for his building on 4th Avenue S, and they said someone would be right over. He called animal control, but its snake expert was on vacation. He called a snake rescue, but they wanted $150.".

Women tore the testicle when refused to get banged "She grabbed him by the genitals, tearing off his left testicle, then hid it in her mouth before a friend of Jones handed it back to him saying 'that's yours.'"

Art Night to Kill Dumb Sex Law To get around the sexlaws of Idaho the strip-club Erotic City in Boise have come up with a creative idea. For fifteen greens the public get a sketchpaper, a pen and then they are invited to paint the nude dancers.

"We have a lot of people drawing some very good pictures," said Erotic City owner Chris Teague, who has posted many of the drawings around the club..

Chris Teague's stunt is totally demolish the law since the art nights is worse on nudity than before: the girls is without their g-strings.


Nudity in Bangkok... what's new with that? "Executives of St Herb Co., which makes the 'breast beautifying' cream, said they laid on the stunt merely to counter suggestions their advertising claims were exaggerated." The Nation said Ying, one of the models, was embarrassed at having to bare herself in front of the cameras, but did believe her breasts had become firmer and the gap between them smaller as a result of the treatment.

Everything for the dough. Ying got her yang in Mr Greenbuck.

And it goes on: the company will massage 60 year old chics in public to: Senior Journal. But the Thai authorities is making statement - MCOT:TNA English News: the ministry would campaign for women to engage in exercise aimed at enhancing their breasts in order to counter the popularity of breast enhancement cream.

Halle Barry is cool

Boing Boing: "Berry was named worst actress of 2004 by the Golden Raspberry Award Foundation for her performance in "Catwoman" and she showed up to accept her "Razzie" carrying the Oscar she won in 2002 for "Monster's Ball."

"They can't take this away from me, it's got my name on it!" she quipped. A raucous crowd cheered her on as she gave a stirring recreation of her Academy Award acceptance speech, including tears.

She thanked everyone involved in "Catwoman," a film she said took her from the top of her profession to the bottom.

"I want to thank Warner Brothers for casting me in this piece of shit," she said as she dragged her agent on stage and warned him "next time read the script first."

Macintosh Creator Raskin Dies at 61

Macintosh Creator Raskin Dies at 61: "Jef Raskin, a computer interface expert who conceived Apple Computer Inc.'s groundbreaking Macintosh computer but left the company before it came to market, has died. He was 61.

In 1979, Raskin had a different idea: A computer that's priced affordably, targeted at consumers and extremely easy to use. A small team, under his command, was put together at Apple to pursue his concept that would eventually become the Macintosh.

"His role on the Macintosh was the initiator of the project, so it wouldn't be here if it weren't for him," said Andy Hertzfeld, an early Mac team member.

Raskin, who worked as a computer science professor before joining Apple, was well aware of the research being done in computer interfaces at Xerox's Palo Alto Research Center. He worked to bring it to the attention of Apple executives.

Raskin also named the Macintosh after his favorite apple, though the name was slightly changed because of a trademark issue with another company.

Raskin led the project until the summer of 1981, when he had a falling out with Steve Jobs, Apple's co-founder. He left the company entirely the following year.

After leaving Cupertino, Calif.-based Apple, Raskin founded another computer company, Information Appliance, and designed another computer that incorporated his ideas. He also wrote a book, "The Humane Interface," which was published in 2000.

He was an accomplished archer, target shooter and occasional race car driver, friends said."


Email spoofing

Exploding Cigar: The fictive William Wyndell a k a David Earthman have used e-mail to spoof people and then collected the emails in a book. (E-mails from Hell). "Not professional enough? What are you talking about? You haven’t even seen me put my sales skills to use. You could ask my old boss. The only reason I am not there now is because he and I didn’t see eye-to-eye on certain issues and we got into a fistfight. Then he was saying something like “you are the best salesman I have ever had, but you are a jerk”, or something like that…I don’t know. I wasn’t really paying attention. I was busy kicking his ass. Point is, I’ll sell loads of those stupid vitamins. What do you say, boss?"


First image on the Web?

Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: Back in 1992, after their show at the CERN Hadronic Festival, my colleague Tim Berners-Lee asked me for a few scanned photos of "the CERN girls" to publish them on some sort of information system he had just invented, called the "World Wide Web". I had only a vague idea of what that was, but I scanned some photos on my Mac and FTPed them to Tim's now famous "". How was I to know that I was passing an historical milestone, as the one above was the first picture ever to be clicked on in a web browser!"

Victims of Google

The Guardian: "'The support to the academic and student communities from the qualified subject librarians, whatever its contribution to the teaching and research roles of the institution, is hard to justify in value-for-money terms at a time when the process of literature searches is substantially deskilled by online bibliographical resources.'"

The librarians at Bangor, the University of Wales are getting sacked since the students aren't in need of them. Says the leaders of Bangor. The librarians thinks otherwise... Rationalization the Googleway? (via mymarkup)


Hitchhikers guide

This is The Movie: the trailer of Hitchhikers guide to the Universe. (trailer). Hey, what's Lord of the Rings compared to this?

Update: Although the trailer leaves alot more to wish for the movie seem to be very... fun... But I am worried: I have read the novel seven times (yes, all five parts) and what if they have fucked around too much with it?


Nice wanna-haves

Sony presents two new models:


An eX in the box

"What is Xbox?"

"A box where you put your former wife."

Henrik Schyffert in the Swedish TV-programme "Parlamentet"

Waste time

Sun and a cold wind. The car totally stuffed with things going to the wasteland.


The photographers should wear a helmet... or full-body armor. The Daytona was almost starting to be something like a crash-course...


Collctors items

Mainichi: "The 56-year-old man had been living in the second floor apartment since 1981, and had apparently been keeping newspapers and magazines there since he moved in. Officers cleared the magazines into 50-centimeter high piles that stretched some 30-meters wide."

Heliflip and grind

Danny Way: Totally insane clip where Danny Way takes skating another step to the extreme...


Low-riders gets billed in Virginia "Virginians who wear their pants so low their underwear shows may want to think about investing in a stronger belt. The state's House of Delegates passed a bill Tuesday authorizing a $50 fine for anyone who displays his or her underpants in a "lewd or indecent manner."


DVD menus are the work of the devil

The Shape of Days: DVDs are like bad waiters. Disc goes in: "Soup or salad?" "Salad." "Ranch or vinegrette?" "Vinegrette." "Raspberry or balsalmic?" Put some green stuff in a bowl, drizzle on some tangy stuff, and bring me the results!

Bosses Too Stupid to Live

The Dali Grind: This guy probably suffers from a rare psychological disturbance called "womanphobia". And gets really discriminated because of this by the woman on the labor-agency.

This phobia is rare but very often watched in the priesthood...


23 seconds: The link in this post is incredible cool. So bloody good guitargrinding babe. And a great video too. Go and have a look! (The blog's in Swedish but you don't need to read the stuff.).


The bigger the better?

Ananova: Sabrina Sabrok is looking for the title "Biggest Boobs in the World" but doctors are worried about her health if she have her pair of titties enlarged to 42XXX.

Forbidden: pix of Tour de Eiffel at nighttime

Fast Company Now: "no longer legal to publish current photographs of the Eiffel Tower at night without permission. Technically, this applies even to amateurs. When I spoke to the Director of Documentation for SNTE, Stéphane Dieu, via phone last week, he assured me that SNTE wasn't interested in prohibiting the publication of amateur photography on personal Web sites. 'It is really just a way to manage commercial use of the image, so that it isn't used in ways we don't approve,' said Mr. Dieu." (via verybigblog)

Qoack Qoack!

A forbidden image. Architechural porn.

Tax humour

Excite News: The forms - with such lines as, 'If we can tax it, we will,' - were sent last week to all Middletown businesses and residents who pay city income tax.

That woman should live in Sweden - there this isn't funny, it's the reality. (via verybigblog)

Class in social science

Anne Galloway uses the blog to teach a class of social science. That's pretty inventional. And via the RSS-feed it's easy for the students to follow.
(Sociology of Science & Technology)

The comeback

SvD: One of the most prominent IT-comps, Framfab, from the IT-era was almost diluted from the earth after the crash but is now put up a comeback. From a negative result of 35,7 million Swedish crowns to a positive result on 14,2 million.


Pretty geeky:



Teens fined for handing out cookies

Exploding Cigar: "Two teen girls in Colorado been fined almost $900 for baking and delivering cookies to their neighbors last summer. One woman they took cookies to was so terrified by the knocks on her door around 10:30 pm that she went to the hospital after suffering an anxiety attack. The families of the girls offered to pay the woman's medical bills but she sued instead. Court records contained a half-dozen letters from neighbors who said they enjoyed the unexpected treats." Read more on


Hi-Fi Baby

Hell. This is truly babed geeking. (Hi-Fi Baby)


USB café pad

You know the miserable thing when the coffee become cold when surfing some interesting sites. Here's the solution: a warmer which you can put into the USB-port and always get warm coffee... (USB Cafe pad)


Auction a tattoo - already on place "The British founder of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), the world's biggest animal rights group, is auctioning off a lizard tattoo on her right arm -- with proceeds going to the charity."

Yowsa! And on american telly they are cutting up dead people as entertainment...

No more stolen computer
Yay... Here's what you need:

  • Large Container
  • Shovel
  • Large Screw Driver
  • Water Supply
  • Concrete Mix
  • Minimal Amount of Wood

MSN Search launches with cruel joke about Boing Boing

Boing Boing: At the top of the results stack, MSN Search asked me -- "Were you looking for Bling Bling?" Why yes, as a matter of fact I am, and if you knew how small our checks were......Matthew Cox adds, "I thought I'd give the new MSN search a try and wanted to see what it would give me if I searched for the 'best web browser.' Discounting the sponsored sites, the first two returned links were to Mozilla/Firefox. IE didn't appear until #8."
And BB reader Jeff says,
I wanted to inform you that when you search for "worst browser" [with MSN Search], the first result is Internet Explorer.


Naked Lara Flynn Boyle Terrorizes (?) Airline Passengers

Defamer: "The always-reliable British tabloids are reporting that a nude, pill-popping Lara Flynn Boyle recently terrorized fellow passengers on a flight from L.A. to London, roaming the first-class cabin halfway through the trip, waking a man, and trying to get into bed with him as she told him to prepare for landing."

This things never happens to me when commuting on the bus everyday ;)


Happy to be scammed

Blind Höna: The Swedish blogger Blind Höna (blind hen) found a old newspaper (from 14th of Dec) where a couple of people are mad at a travel agency who scammed them on a trip to Sri Lanka. They should've gone there over Xmas. Today they're probably thankful to the scammer.


The outsaucing in Oregon Golden Arches "The McDonald's restaurant in Hermiston, Oregon appears to be 'outsaucing' customers drive-thru meals.
When a customer drives through, they'll be patched through to Grand Forks, North Dakota to place the order. Why? Because the minimum wage in North Dakota is $5.15, compared to Oregon's $7.25."

Pretty good when dealing with robbers and stickheads.


Team Party Crash - celebs likes boobs

So many people to like the boobs of Pamela Andersson:



I have an image of Jesus on my penis

I have an image of Jesus on my penis: It's not a tattoo or anything I have deliberately done: I thought it was a little dirt or grime at first, but some soapy water and a brillo pad quickly disproved that theory, and there He was, smiling beatifically at me from just below my glans penis. My girlfriend is a devout Christian, who, when she first saw this apparition, dropped to her knees, exclaiming, " Jesus Christ", which I at first arrogantly misinterpreted as an exaggerated compliment on my manhood. Needless to say, I was more than a little disappointed to learn the true reason for her impulsive ejaculation..


The Dark Side of Bush

Boing Boing


Satannnnn | CafePress: "'

 Fitted T-Shirt

Fitted T-Shirt
Extra-fun since "fitt" means "pussy" in Swedish.

Simon Cowell disses Beyonce Knowles "'She's not sexy, she hasn't got a great body and she's not a great singer.'
-- 'American Idol' judge SIMON COWELL, on singer BEYONCE KNOWLES, in Esquire magazine."

That guy are deaf, dumb and fucking blind.


Jenna Jameson for iRiver

I bet I know what happened next, too: he fixes the cable.

Fart again

Perfume spoof. Pretty cool and mean: Feline spoof.

They all cried out

A good piece on blogging. MSNBC - Die Blogger kommen

She is nude. Scrubbed after a chem-attack

...and the American FCC is saying it's "non-essential" nude scene. Just another proof of the American double standards. BBC NEWS: US TV cuts nudity from BBC film


Borlange hits the big guns

Excite News: "Noisy lovemaking is no cause for eviction - so long as it's done in the daytime, a Swedish landlord said Thursday.The Tunabyggen housing company in Borlaenge, 137 miles northwest of Stockholm, made the decision after the neighbors of one amorous couple complained about their afternoon delights.
But the company, which runs the block of apartments, said lovemaking is part of normal family life and not grounds for eviction.
Indeed, it's the law. Under the Swedish Housing Act, neighbors are not to be disturbed by loud noises - be it music, television or love making in the evening. But that law also guarantees the right of tenants to a normal family life, too.
Tunabyggen's marketing director Lena Lundberg said the complaint about the lovemaking was akin to that of a family with noisy children whose crying could disturb the neighbors.
The complaint, which was filed this week, was thrown out, she added, because the noise wasn't at night.
"It's comparable with babies having colic," she said, adding that a family with a crying baby couldn't be evicted."


Fix the nails the geek-way

The Product. The source. Listen know: in the forthcoming serial "Products Powered By The USB" we have come to the nailpolisher-set.

Build Your Own BSD Beer Brewing Control System

Slashdot: "'Here's a great use for some of your old hardware, a BSD beer brewing kit! Components: one 486, FreeBSD, a temperature logger kit, a relay board, some odds and ends from the useful box, and some time. Summer's just around the corner, so get to work gang!'"

Pentagon considered gay sex bomb

Exploding Cigar: "The Pentagon considered developing a host of non-lethal chemical weapons that would disrupt discipline and morale among enemy troops including an aphrodisiac weapon that would make soldiers have gay sex with one another. Other ideas included a weapon to attract angry rats to troop positions and a halitosis weapon. It is not known if any of the proposed ideas were persued."


More gaming

"Maybe it's not a crime to sex up the leading ladies, particularly if they retain some character development. But what about Vivendi's upcoming Red Ninja, which claims to incorporate sexuality as a gameplay mechanic, allowing main character Kurenai to seduce unsuspecting guards?"

A article about the sexism in gameplay. (Getting the Girl from 1UP.COM)

Gamers are regular humans

Biz Yahoo!: "Forty-five percent of gamers volunteer at an average 5.4 hours per month. Sixty-one percent of game players engage in some type of religious activity for several hours each month. Ninety-three percent of game players read books or daily newspapers, while sixty-two percent often attend cultural events, such as concerts, museums, or the theater. Fifty percent spend time painting, writing, or playing an instrument. Ninety-four percent follow news and current events, and 78 percent report that they vote in most of the elections for which they are eligible."


Send a Message to God

Slate: "And so, no longer guaranteed an adoring public, he starts to make nice. He calls back avalanches poised to wipe out whole villages; he brings rain to drought-stricken communities; he cures fatally handicapped babies in the womb, or prevents such flawed conceptions before they happen. He presents tokens of his love to malaria victims and children paralyzed by auto accidents. Africa blooms with peace and prosperity.". Funny thingy this girl.


Ceci n’est pas une pipe

62-foot stogie. Great puffing ahead. Largest cigar is rolled in Puerto Rico by Patricio Pena. 20 pounds (9 kilograms) of Puerto Rican and Pennsylvanian tobacco and hundred leaves to roll the stogie. The materialcost was about $2,000 but the record-attempt was sponsored by San Juan's city government, Bacardi rum company and Telemundo television station. (Source:

Cheap coke for the britons

"A line of the deadly Class A drug costs just £1.95 — 20 per cent less than it did ten years ago.". Cheap drugs flooding british streets and somehow it sounds like the game of Dopewars.
Source:The Sun Newspaper Online


Chemical jewelry

Nice design. Love it. Jewelry inspired by the chemical world. muscovie design | jewelry (via mymarkup)

The socialistic lifestyle

The North Korean authorities have started what can be said being a communistic-fashion trend - a campaign against the long-haired men. "It stressed the "negative effects" of long hair on "human intelligence development", noting that long hair "consumes a great deal of nutrition" and could thus rob the brain of energy.". Of course the wardrobe is trimmed too: "Dressing in accordance with our people's emotion and taste" link clothes and appearance with the wearer's "ideological and mental state".
Tidy attire "is important in repelling the enemies' manoeuvres to infiltrate corrupt capitalist ideas and lifestyle and establishing the socialist lifestyle of the military-first era," the radio says.
. And although hair is the 'headline' wearing tidy shoes is the important for the righteous commi-head: "No matter how good the clothes, if one does not wear tidy shoes, one's personality will be downgraded.".

Surf the croc

The tsunami have both given us tragic stories and hero-legends. But already in the late 1900s century there is a story about a great tsunami and a german who surfed the wave on a gigantic crocodile. BBC NEWS has the story.


Top Ten War Profiteers of 2004

Nobody can't say that a war is bad for bizniz. If you're an American company that to say. Metro News Network - Top Ten War Profiteers of 2004

Swedish IT-guru helps tsunamivictims

Johan Staël von Holstein, one of the foremost entrepreneurs during the IT-boom in the late nineties - creator and owner of the Icon Medialab, have collected money and have travelled to Thailand. Toghether with his friend Andreas Buöen will he try to create value, humanistic value, for both tourists and the locals. His wife have stayed in Sweden to collect more funds to help and function as connection between her husband and Andreas, and the contacts they need in Sweden. At their site you can follow their work (only in Swedish). "The have given away 5,000 meals to needing. Given away mosquitonets, blankets, tarpaulins and tools to a fishermen-village who lost all their belongings.

Andreas have started a project to locate the swedish children who is said to be given med-care at hospitals but then is diseappeared. The anxiety is of course that these children have been found by the "wrong sort" of tourists in Thailand..." Link:


Wrong foot

Doctors amputated the wrong foot. The patient survived. News From The Associated Press via Exploding Cigar.

British schoolgirl saves lives in Phuket

Tilly Smith show how education can be important. She warned a lot of people in one of the beaches in Phuket before the tsunami. She remembered what her teacher in geography had teached her about tsunamis and earthquakes, and when the water diseappeared she told her mom who alerted people all around. (ITV news)

New Earth Time ... 360 degrees of internet time

Another way to measure the time. New Earth Time ... 360 degrees of internet time