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Finibus Bonorum et Malorum is a work from Cicero. Chunks of this is a part of the Lorem ipsum - the dummytexts that is used in almost every sketch that creatives in advertising use.


You can't have a picnic w/o ants

There been some Internet Trolls showing their ugly faces in som Internet-communities and discussion-forums these past days. Pity the humanity.


Pityful scammers

The tsunami in the south of Asia have crushed families, killed somewhat 100k people and totally pow-wowed one of the big touristareas in the world. And some people with no emphathetic is trying to scam people who wants to help. The Nigerian Letter in a new form. (RESCUE Help Family and Friends find their missing)

White Dress

Some people have too much time on their hands. Or too much cream. (Not workplace-safe). But the script is well-prepared. (Kerowack)

Albert Einstein Action Figure

Great giveaway. Übergeekish. ThinkGeek



Lea Walker is putting all her finances into her chest, enlarging her tits to 30M. Twelve cups bigger. And better? Well, ms Walker, a mum of one child, loves them. "I love them - they're my babies.". And what do you think is her workplace? A sexshop. Wonder if the owner sponsored the job... (Electronic News
Strange Cosmos
Yahoo! UK & Ireland News
1918 News Service).

Hard and plastic - wonder if Lea didn't get any dolls as a kid. And she did forgot to do her face. There should be a way to make an extreme makeover of people's brains.


iVibe does the job for the computergeek

"'The device control works both ways -- the person on each end controls the speed and rhythm of the device the other is using,' explained High Joy President Amir Vatan, as one attendee cranked his remote partner's iVibe to warp-speed intensity."

I love the name... wonder if Jobs got one for free... (Wired News: High-Speed Love Connection)

Hey, and you say I look bad today

Think of the time of your life - the prom. And somehow you look better when looking into the mirror on the morning. (St. Petersburg Times: Bad prompics)

The Miller's rat

"I wanted to reach inside my body and pull my guts out and hose them off. I couldn't sleep for two nights, and then I got sick, which I attribute in part to lack of sleep.'"

One can understand the poor judge who found a dead mouse inside the momentarily emptied bottle of Miller's Lite. I mean, there's better things to put in the booze (as snakes, bugs and other stuff asian and mexican spirits use to have). (

The more retro the better

We like our mobilephones as small as they can get, and the fact that we nowadays need to re-design our faces. But at Pokia they go the other way: making "handsfree"kits out of old handsets... Retro phone of the future is less handsfree than an ordinary cellular. But hey, people tend to do things that are less functional just to get the buzz.

Strange object to steal

Imagine the surprise when waking up and your swimming pool have taken a walk.

Beautiful agony and trust

There is something awful and at the same time beautiful looking into the face of a stranger having an orgasm. No where else is the human as open and totally transparent as in the climax. And the mixed feeling of bliss and emptiness afterwards somehow shows the sum of being a human. (beautiful agony - facettes de la petite mort)

Hmm... german girl lickin' good

"'My friends always said I had an incredibly long tongue - I could make lots of money with it one day,' said Annika.

The twelve-year-old from Tangstedt, near Hamburg, can lick the ice
cream from the bottom of a cornet - while her friends have to use their

CBBC Newsround 'I've got the world's longest tongue'

Suck breasts - punishment or award

A teacher in a Zimbabwe elementary school has been suspended for giving unruly pupils a choice between being caned or suckling her breasts."

Strange way to punish. Some of us would think of it as a reward. Although we´re not youngsters anymore... (New Zimbabwe)


Six years!

Jason Kottke have blogged for six years. Man, that's worth a cheer! (Six years! (

40 things

This is pretty amusing. 40 things a drunkard should do before he dies. Totally insanely fun. Modern Drunkard Magazine Online


Why you don't wear the T from Hell

Some of them are truly strange, others would get you fired and some would kill you, worn in the wrong place.

And remember that surfing to the competition of T's is at your own risk. 18+ and sometimes pretty gory... T-Shirt Hell


For sale

Why don't own the stage where Janet Jackson had her "wardrobe failure". But without JJ and her boob. (CNET


Don't dance on the table

Excite News: The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents in Britain, issues a serious warning and safety guidelines on office parties:"- Don't dance on tables at the office Christmas party and resist the temptation to photocopy body parts in a drunken attempt to amuse colleagues.


Extraordinary 60's sexguide

'young person's sexual song-with-animal-legs'. Japanese youngsters were not to uneducated on the sexual stage. (Sexbook)

Mozilla Thunderbird Final Is Near

The final (1.0) is near of my fav e-mailclient Thunderbird. After the big fat release of Firefox 1.0 Final it's time for the Thunderbird to make the big step into the real world of email-clients. (Internetnews)


"Humanoid robots capable of performing somersaults and complex martial arts moves were demonstrated at Asia's largest electronics and computing fair in Tokyo."

New Scientist

World in Google's eyes

The world according to Google (5/10/04)


Pics of a willy

Rosie phoned the Orange helpline when she could not get her Samsung E700 phone to take pictures. And the support-guy sent her pics of his willy. Stupid. (Textually)

Subtle Safety

Woman who wanna feel safe. This is the thingy. The Subtle Safety Defensive Ring.

RedStart Design: Subtle Safety via Carambola .

20041128 starts with trackbacking

Some sort of breakthrough for the RSS and blogosphere must be that CNet starts to use the trackback- and pingback-technology in their articles. (CNET


The moose is dead

"'We were looking at a beautiful white-tail buck and my friend said 'If you just had a gun for that.' A little light bulb went off in my head,' he said."


Dog for rent.

Sid sez: "Babies can't be far behind ... in Tokyo you now can rent the cute little dogs that are all the rage. About $15 will get you an hour of canine bonding, and for a heftier fee you can take one home for the night. All puppy necessities included. These same dogs usually sell for about $3,000-$5,000."

In Tokyo alone, the number of shops registered to rent out pets grew to 115 as of March, up from 17 just three years earlier.

Each person who rents a dog by the hour is given a leash, some tissues and a plastic bag - in case the pooch has to answer the call of nature. They also get strict instructions not to let the dogs run free, to keep them in the shade on hot summer days and refrain from giving them snacks.
Japan's rent-a-puppy business

Got Google on your head

Someone is saying that Google have changed the world forever. Someone other is saying that it's the usual geekish.

Eternal catchain on the silverlining

Remember the fascination on taking pictures of pictures of pictures. Why not doing the same with cats? It's a freaking concept man. Or not. The Infinite Cat Project

27 years of college after 200 feet

I'm a 48 year old college senior. I had to return to college after my fall of 200 feet off the mountain. I came out of a coma and suffered a total memeory loss. I'm deadicated to retraining myself, relearning. There is so much more. Someday I may publish my journal of the trials and tribulations that I went through growing up again a 21 year old infant and trying hard to catch up to my cronilogical age mentally

The learning curve is really suffer from mountaineering. Kids, don't climb and clutter. 27 years of College after 200 feet

Turn it inside out

Nice idea. The T is grey when not needing help and when you outta have a hand or a rescue mission you just turn it inside out.
Some how I just think that the idea is to keep warm if being in shock. And only wearing a T isn't my idea of keeping the temp... (Adventure T)

New bizniz idea



Strange blog. Read it your own risk. YUMMICOCO

Broken nail

Today's biggest problem: Bahraniat: "My goddamn nail just broke against the desk. This dreadful incident has left me morose and not the least inspired to write anything today."


Giga Zoomic Freakshow

Fascinating technology. Capt. Zoom is really making it. Gigazoom at TNO

Time joint

"One in three Swiss 15-year-olds has lit up a joint within
the past year, while the number of teenagers regularly smoking
or getting drunk rose 10 percent between 1998 and 2002, the
Swiss Institute for the Prevention of Alcoholism and Drug Abuse
said in their survey."
(Excite News)

What's the time?

Women of McDonald's

" debuted the 'Women of McDonald's' feature Tuesday in which six employees from the fast-food king were chosen to pose nude for the online pictorial."CNN Money

Student banned for auctioning her boobs

A 15-minute fondling session to fund her university fees. And well - the assets is 32C. "She even promised a cup of tea and snack at her Colchester home - and included a naked snap of her cleavage on the site." Team

But eBay, in the usual matter of uphold American double standards have banned her entrepreneuric skills.


Like a bridge over troubled water

500 best songs all time.

"Bob Dylan's 'Like a Rolling Stone' tops the list, compiled from votes by 172 critics and musicians" (Japan Today)


Firefox under pressure

Since the posting of Firefox version 1.0 the website have been under pressure. There's almost impossible to get through and worse even - the extensionsite is unaccessible most of the time. That really makes life hard for us who been used to some of the browsers extensions. (Firefox)



Use HugeURL if you are tired of the shortifying of long links...

How many people in a Mini?

21. Roadfly


Gmail Atom Feed Coming?

"The company added a button to some Gmail accounts Monday that clicks through to an Atom feed, although aggregators did not recognize it. However, the button does provide a glimpse into Google's plans for feed syndication."

The interesting question is for what more Google will use the feed. Ads via AdSense? (Internetnews


New borders

Nine years in the slammer for the spammer

Judge Kilgore ('far out') sent Gaven Stubberfield a k a Jeremy Jaynes to the slammer for being the eight worst spammer in the world. In a month he sent out 100k spammail.

His sister was slapped with a fine on $7500. (CNET



Access Denied

Strange thing. At Juniors homesite you won't get in unless you surf on American waves. Everyother of us (at least in Norway, Taipei, GB, Austria and Sweden) is told that we have no access (403 - Access Denied).

FBI takes servers down

The Indymedia Network is suffering seizures by the feds everywhere in the world. In Swiss the FBI have made housecalls on the ISPs that hosts Indymediaservers as well as twenty servers were taken down in Britain. "The significance of this is that apparently, a foreign government, based on a secret process, can have the U.S. government silence independent news sources without ever having to answer to the American people about how that kind of restraint could happen". (Excite News)


Britney is made for heaven

Britney goes chabalistic.



The secret of Jandek

The strange artist "Jandek" is probably the most unknown known artist and he is building the myth when not giving away anything about his person. But he has recorded records since 1978. A A Guide to Jandek there is some sort of fan-portal. Strange.


Missing socks

Where do all Lonely socks go?


evhead: Next?

Evan who started Blogger is leaving Google/Blogger after six years in the heat. (evhead: Next?)

How to scare people with statistics

Iron Monkey is telling how to use statistics to scare the shit outta people. And as a sociologist I can tell he is right... *evil grin* Iron Monkey: How to Scare People with Statistics


Bigger tone

Let's hear it. Bigger boobs without the knife. You can get the hooters with the help of a ringtone. (


Pranksters end the

The trial period with the personalized stamps won't be prolonged. Although the service have been really successful the US Postal Service puts an end to it after a number of pranksters have been using the service printing stamps of Ted Kaczynski, Jimmy Hoffa as well as Slobodan Milosevic. Read the whole shit at CNET


Google playing at the Chinese gameboard

The search-gigant Google is not to political correct when they defend the chinese governments censorship of the Net. They are defending the proxy-ways of making a searchindex with arguments like "In order to create the best possible news search experience for our users, we sometimes decide not to include some sites, for a variety of reasons.".

What's the fuzz? The chinese surfers aren't able to see the sites even if Google choose to keep them in their index? Wrong. Most of the more skilled surfers in China knows how to work-around the Great Virtual Wall so when Google is put the forbidden sites out of the index it's a real act of censorship. (E-Media Tidbits)

Microsoft is fucking us up

CNET has the new and no-improved bruha of the Redmond dinosaur. The new security-enchanced version of IE is only available for XP-users. And the catch is to get everyone to upgrade.

Microsoft's new approach where security-issues should be on top of their list is just bs since they totally ignore the fact that to be able to upgrade to XP, the user have to be a pretty new computer and that operative is like walking in glue when using it with less than 512 mb RAM.

I think Microsoft do the same mistake as the former No. 1 Netscape did - trying to fuck us users up. The giant is going down. In flames.


Charts on the spam

The statistical freaks are not to many but they are very neat and keep their numbers tidy. At OldNewThing the author have made nice charts of all spam and virus-mail he have been recieving since '97.


Twist a Pen, Open a Lock

'The problem's not going to go away,' he said. 'Keeping it quiet just gives thieves more time to use this to their advantage. I wanted to let people know they are vulnerable. It's an illusion of security.'"

Security-engineer and biker Chris Brennan have found that the expensive Kryptonite-locks is opened in seconds with a simple plastic pen. (Wired News)


Scent the portal

A portal of the science and technology. Engineering when it's the best. scenta


The Anna Nicole Smith rollercoaster diet

Somehow fascination is the word explaining the feeling about the strange and surrealistic ways of Anna Nicole Smith. No she´s down in her weight again and this losses seem to be synchronized with her no-appeareance in media.


The ultimate sex appeal list

A study have revealed the fact that men and women is attracted by the same clothing of women.

Women's choice for the top five clothing items that add sex appeal:

1. Stiletto heels

2. Expensive lingerie

3. Stockings

4. Derrière-hugging trousers or jeans

5. Cleavage-revealing tops

Men's choice for the top five clothing items that add sex appeal:

1. Stiletto heels

2. Slit skirts

3. Stockings

4. Mini-skirt

5. Jeans and a T-shirt


We´re in front

"It's great that Apple's in here. I think it's great we're in here. This is going to drive innovation at a pretty rapid pace. Is there an opportunity here for more than one company? Absolutely."

BW Online | "We're Early on the Video Thing"


Who wrote Linux?

G33king is a mythical lifestyle. The paranoia, rumouring and making of myths around people who invent scraps of code. So. Linux? Well, the official standing is still that it is Linus Torvalds who is the starter but at Techtarget they do some researching on the The spy who loved Linux. *grin*


Sleazy ride

"Gronka, a 39-year-old dentist, was driving through the main square in Nanticoke late one night when cops noticed that his passenger, Drozdowski, was completely nude."

Say aah... (The Smoking Gun)


No dildos in Alabama

If you want to buy a dildo or buttplug, or why not a doll with three holes you surely don't have to look for it anywhere in Alabama. The red-neck state have had a law since 1998 where the market of sex toys is forbidden. But since this is a question of the invidual and surely in some way the freedom of speech (ey, wrong lips...) the ban have been questioned. But the federal court OKs the ban: If the people of Alabama in time decide that a prohibition on sex toys is misguided, or ineffective, or just plain silly, they can repeal the law and be finished with the matter," the court said.

On the other hand, if we today craft a new fundamental right by which to invalidate the law, we would be bound to give that right full force and effect in all future cases including, for example, those involving adult incest, prostitution, obscenity, and the like.

I quote David Bowie: I'm afraid of Americans.


My name is...

My japanese name is 中島 Nakashima (center of the island) 大輝 Taiki (large radiance)
Japanese name generator

My penis's new name is Duncan Jones the Hedonistical Penis.
Name Your Penis

My very British name is Nigel Cavendish.

Very British Name Generator

My White Rapper Who Thinks He Is Black is Funkmasta' Nigga' The G-Unit.

The Silly White Guy Who Thinks He Is Actually A Black Gangsta' Rapper But Is Actually Trippin' Since He Is A White Fo'

My "Mega Hardcore Son-of-a-Bitch Punk-Ass "Don't give a Fuck 'bout Nuthin" name is Fuck Blair Not my Prime Minister.

The Mega Hardcore Son-of-a-Bitch Punk-Ass "Don't give a Fuck 'bout Nuthin Name Generator

My God-damned hippie name is Lilac Cornucopia.

The Damned Hippie Name Generator

My Rich White Republican Name is Clayton "Inside Trader" Johnson.

Rich White Republican Name Generator

My Non-Motivated, Non-Powered Superhero name is: is Sandwich Maniac.

Take Superhero Without Any Powers or Motivation Name Generator

My Swedish name is Claes Gustafsson.

Take The Stereotypical Swedish Viking Name Generator

My 90's pop star name is Spinmaster Bandit.

Take Your Early 90s Pop Star Name Generator

More on Rum and Monkey: The Name Generator Generator (thanx dabitch)

Old School portable

Boom Box

When everyone is carrying around small players with huge amount of harddiskspace this is some sort of retro: a bloody earcrushing-internals-killer-boomblaster. " delivers nothing but pure, unadultareated power"

Stuffmagazine is lining up a set of audioplayers for the summer. And this is nothing more than a spaceshipdestroyerwannabe. Read about all the earcracking gear at Stuffmagz Boom Box Buffet


Look-a-like depressed

In this look-a-like competition we have two music gigants: who is Elton John and who is Ian Paice? Left right or what?

I feel depressed...


The looking through concrete

Concrete is a massive material. Not anymore. The LiTraCon-company have managed to make concrete that are almost transparent. There's no more magic than that the company have let glass fibres be embedded into the wet concrete which give the concrete blocks that let the light pass through. (via Veer).


Small bots inside

Futurist says: Prepare for the Nanorobots.

Duck and take cover

Jen is mad. "everyone around here loved him [Reagan] oh so much, but if you don't stop and just face the fact he's dead already and move on he'll come back a zombie and start eating brains - and how presidential is that really? Please end the insanity."Attn. Cincinnati/Very Big Blog


Pink Pantzer

Cubitt Artists did get a tank and painted it pink. It feels more nice than before. It's parked in London, maybe as a reminder that even the deadliest weapon can have a kinder makeover... (via Fazed)

I've been riding since I was seventeen

Ouha! Look at that tummy... these hooters...Come to me Catherine... :) More: Stuff Mag

China censors SMS

Reporters sans frontiers reports that the Chinese government is censoring short messages sent via the cellular.

Here in Sweden a murdertrial revived the fact that one can get even deleted SMS back.

Blog Of Reality

A Emergency worker is writing a blog about the life in the midst of chaos: Random Acts Of Reality and when being interviewed by The Guardian he's somewhat "slashdotted" and worries about his bandwidth. This is good blogging. (via LinkMachine)


Outside the justice

Human Rights First is reporting that US have up to 24 secret detentioncamps, a sort of Gulags, where they hold somewhat twelvethousand people without trial. Read the whole report: Ending Secret Detentions.


SUVs don't walk on water

Shit, it didn't float! A woman from Hawaii didn't have control on the horsepowers and lands in a pool of the 80-year old woman. The cost of the operation [to get it out the pool] was estimated to be between $2,500 and $5,000.

Mimi Campanella was shaken by Saturday's incident, and doctors advised her to get back on the road soon, her husband said.

But that's probably going to take some convincing, he said.

Read the story in The Honolulu Advertiser via SixFruit6.

Payback time

The maker of "Girls Gone Wild" (a sort of "with-money&booze-you-get-anyone-to-do-everything" serial) have started to have guys do the same thing as the girls he have been making a fortune out of. Read more at Adrants.

Coke's competition worries the military

The US Military is worried about Coca Cola Company's new competition which involves both GPS-chips and mobilechips, and all this on the can itself.

"Specially rigged Coke cans, part of a summer promotion, contain cell phones and global positioning chips. That has officials at some installations worried the cans could be used to eavesdrop, and they are instituting protective measures." (

"We're asking people to open the cans and not bring it in if there's a GPS in it," said Master Sgt. Jerry Meredith, a Fort Knox spokesman. "It's not like we're examining cans at the store. It's a pretty commonsense thing." and Paul Saffo is comparing the worries about the GPS-cans with the worries about the CIA ban of the toy Furbies. (Wired News)


Do not touch my banana!

SouthBend Tribune is telling the story of how gen-scientists is trying to make bananas that taste different. Whattabout a banana tasting apples? Or whisky?

"There's a chiquita" says the girl about her boyfriend's apparatus. (via ad-rag)



Nothing for the nervous. E-SHROOMS!



Can't help it: Guns & Ammo is somewhat cult.


Win next inhousefight

Do you fail to win the argument with your mizzus? Or do you feel under the gun when trying to discuss with your boss.

This is probably not the website that will make you a rhetorical Magic Johnson but maybe you can catch up some moves and useful tricks. (How to Win Arguments)


100's from the movies

American Film Institute is putting up the 100 best songs from the movies. And of course: Somewhere over the rainbow won.

They got other funny lists: 100 best laughs, 100 heroes & villains and of course: 100 best movies and it's Citizen Kane.

5 signs

Nobody loves you

  • Your mom doesn’t return your calls.
  • You need a kidney, and your siblings are “all out.”
  • The only shoulder you can cry on is beside a road. (Zing!)
  • You told the waiter it was your birthday, and he ate your complimentary brownie.
  • You’re an FHM subscriber*.


*FHM is the number one of "guy-lifestyle-magz" in Britain.


Flynt goes down the drain

Apparently Hustler publisher Larry Flynt tried to track down rumors that George Bush, at 25, got a girlfriend pregnant and paid for her illegal abortion. He was never able to prove the rumor, but he dropped hints about it, and the press ignored him. Popculture junkmail

Larry Flynt will be put out of business alike Howard Stern was, kicked from the Clear Channel-driven radiostation. The shit have hit the fan one time too much.

Cool as hell

Is Teamryouko running a ninja training camp?. I don't know but this long video on guys who totally let gravity cease to exist. A must see...

Less of Lessig

Lawrence Lessig is the joker of the juridical world, a man who challenge both the juridical experts and the status quo of capitalism. But if one put the head into the mouth of the lion on will be scared. The big boys are provoked and writes about him in an unfashioned way: Forbes: Let's Have Less Of Lessig


Time spent (or wasted)

The site Where did the time go? (from BT!) is awesome. Look at the fabulous loading animation. And test yourself on how much time you have spent sleeping (that can't be true on me), worked for the man and on the loo. It's pretty nice work and both fun and disturbing.

Backstage Riders

The guys at The Smoking Gun have an extensive collection of riders from rockstars. Fun reading it is.


A good wife

A great instruction guide for all wifeys out there. Of course. And I pray that my missus doesn't read this...

Via Faced


Maybe cuz he's ugly

The inevitable question of why people close their eyes when kissing. There is a plethora of theories around the topic: the biological theorem is that the lips have a similarity to the woman's vagina and when kissing the homonoclus functions of a person's brain is overinformed and there is a chance of sensory overload.

Another theory of the kissing action is that our eyes can't focus in stereo in that close range and therefore we close them.

Maybe it is a simple explanation: shyness. Or that the other one is ugly to look at. (Strait Times)


Google hardware in the early days

How did it all start? With Lego... Take a look at the beginning of Google, the hardware that formed a brand new verb: "to google".

This gear was placed in the dorm of the later Berkeley-dropouts who started "just another searchengine"... and the rest is history (and so is Altavista).


Defame the famous

Paris Hilton showing her stuff. JLo and Affleck fights and make up. On and on the stories of the Hollywoods rich and famous goes on. And Defamer writes about it.

Gold workous

Haven't you wondered how the gyms look like where the rich and famous transpire their guts out?

Of course do give us a glimpse in The Rich Man's Workout


"I didn't want someone new to love.
I just wanted a f---."

Some articles on the subject of dogging and advertising for sex-only. The fact that "normal" people, both sexes, is looking for casual sex with strangers through the net or through traditional ads in papers. A fling and a pure erotic experience is their main objective - no more, no less.

Read a couple of articles about it:

The Age
Wired News
UK Swingers Website

USA tries to put the Greenpeace out of business

US claims that the environment organization is guilty of sail mongering. That's an 19th century law to protect the companies from their competitors who sent prostitutes to the competitioners ship, either brothels who was waiting at beach, and put the crew out of business with the help of sex and booze. (Reuters)

The right way

Sometimes I think it's fun to read the very hard 'right-wingish' news and articles in the USNews. All you even can fantazise about the Christian Right is proven being a fact.

Debra Haffner, a Unitarian Universalist minister heads the Religious Institute on Sexual Morality, Justice, and Healing, have written the book: From Diapers to Dating: A Parent's Guide to Raising Sexually Healthy Children. And reading the article in USNews gets one really sad about the state of the nation.

In the 1998 edition of your book, you typed "sex " in an Internet search engine and got 260,000 matches. This time around: 260 million matches. The message for parents?
No parents would let their 13-year-old go to an X-rated bookstore and wander around. But that's what the Internet provides for them. People say to me, "My child wouldn't go looking for that." Remember how you looked up "sex" in the dictionary in fifth grade? If you want to monitor your child's Internet use, a computer with Internet access doesn't belong in the child's room. (A master of sex ed in

The reverend don't seem to notice that a lot of this hits on the searchterm isn't about "sex" - it can likely be about the genus - same sex and likely. And of course will sites with Sex Pistols come up. Talk about being stupid.


Fahrenheit 9/11 Trailer

This is what everyone talking about: Fahrenheit 9/11 Trailer


NYT finds RSS

Time to wake up. The New York Times is writing about the "R.S.S" (sounds more like a battleship) and explains it in terms that somehow make me think of an application rather than a media.

Good morning. Slept well?


NYC ban on subway photos

The NYC subway system is thinking of banning photos on the platforms and trains. The argument is that somehow, photos of trains and platforms (not switching stations, conductor compartments, or control centres) will aid terrorists, and therefore that banning photos will make New Yorkers feel safer. So, basically, this is a stupid idea with an even stupider justification.

The Village Voice is holding a Forbidden Photos contest to shoot cool, arty pix of the NYC subway, and to kick it off, they've interviewed a bunch of photogs who shoot underground all the time about why they work on the subway:
More on this at Village Voice (cited from BoingBoing)


Industrial Light And Magic

The Industrial Light & Magic is probably the most famous of all FX-studios and their filmography is gigantic and filled with big flix. And of course - it's a LucasFilms company.


Speak softly

...and carry a big gun.

Into the hinterlands with the special forces is a story of the thoughest of though. And the people on the pic has nothing to do with the story, although one could suspect them to be one to those soldiers of love.

Done something?

Why should the Christians have all the fun? A swedish site where you can leave your confession. And afterwards you don´t need to say hundred Mary's or repent by giving away your possessions.

1 Gb email up for a bid

CNET reports that the multi-megabyte-email accounts of Gmail is up for bidding around the net. Everyone that have an Blogger-account have been given an opp. to get a Gmail-address but hey - not everyone likes the idea of not being able to trash some messages.


Hello Kitty

For sale: Hello Kitty memory cards for the PlayStation 2.
(via Gizmodo)


Inside the head of a script-kid

Andy, a sec-admin have infiltrated some groups of script-kiddies who phreaking conference phone lines and starting som Ddos-attacking. This NewsForge-pick is telling the story and getting a brief look into the life of the script-kiddies.

"most virus creators are typical for their age, are on good terms with friends and family and are often contributors to their local community. [...]teenagers became virus writers because they saw creating such programs as a technical challenge. [...]Others write viruses because their friends tinker with technology and it is just another way of exploring what can be done with computers. For some groups writing and releasing a virus is an act of protest". The words are from Sarah Gordon, a researcher and maybe the most well-informed expert on the psychology of the virus-writer. Though she have somewhat dull "adult" views on the hacker- and viruswriting communities it's interesting to read her views.


Face off before burning burgers

Biometrics is the new gun for capitalists. Using face-recognition, fingerprints and such the workforce of McDonald's in Winnipeg and the workers on some fishprocessing plant is controlled.

The privacy experts is worried since the laws isn't safe-guarding employees' integrity being exploited. The article in Globetechnology tells the story.


Oops... it happened again

The sentence "wardrobe malfunction" might be this years phrase for impact on the English language. It was used when Janet show her nipple at the Super Bowl and stole all the attention from the expensive ad-spots that otherwise use to be the discussion afterwards (since the match usually are rather dull). Read more of the history of the word at The Word Spy

The latest wardrobe malfunction was when The Britney Boob was looking at the world in a concert for a group of radio producers in Miami. (reported in the Swedish tabloid Aftonbladet)


The desktop of the creatives

How do the most creative people make up their desktops? At Ad to the Bone's Boneyards of the Creative you're able to see some of them.

And one can see that the almost generic interest of small plastic figures still lives, the expensive cartoon dolls and such have a market with the thirty-somethings in creative work.

Another thing one can see is that the almost nasty expensive rooms is no more. But it´s the ordinary voyeristic interest that starts when coming to this.


Most hated company in tech

Which is the most hated company in tech? Well - SCO is really making a run for the number one place after suing almost everyone using Linux or other spin-off-operatives from the UNIX-original. The piece above is telling the whole story of the lawsuits and how come a small ant take on the big elephants.

An interesting thought is that with the SCO slashing Big Blue that company changed from the hated huge monster of the computing world to a victim of a stupid patentsuit.


Cyber bullying

Did you also see the flic with the obese Canadian guy doing Star Wars-moves? Well, you're not alone. The plethora of fun homevideos, hidden camera shots and fakes is huge and the amount is rising. Cyberbullying it's called. And there's (of course) a special site for the phenomen and it really tells that this will be worse the more cellular cameras, broadband and advanced hackertools become common goods.

"[...]cyber bullying is worse than the regular schoolyard kind because it knows no bounds of time, space or geography. A bullied child used to be able to go home to escape. " and the adult world is frightened about the rapid development of the use of IM and such.

Ghyslain, the Star Wars-kid, was so hur by the attention that he was threatened under psychiatric care. But the speed is up: the story of the Japanese kid, also rather obese who was dressing in the locker room and was photographed with a cellular camera and the pic was all over the school before he had left the gym.

The question is who will be the scapegoat? The technic or the people using it in bad ways?


Predict the future

Innovation Futures is a prediction-game. One of them all. Such games is really triggering the deep human wish of managing to tell the future. In this game it's predicting the outcome of several tech news that the game leader supply.

The game is started by MIT Technology Review and it's a huge probability that your deeds will be used in the science of MIT, the most innovative university in recent year with people as Negroponte and Turkle as teachers and professors.

The outcome for the participator is the chance to win a tablet-PC and stuff from HP.


Listen to the drums, boy

Now the saying "I hear it inside my head" will be something more real that just a psychological expression since the company Etrema have made a special metal solution that makes it possible to hear music inside your head without irritating others. In the notice Turn Your Head Into Speakers one guy is testing the new way of listening and his experience is direct: "It feels like the loud crunch that fills my head when I bite into a tortilla chip, except the crunch is music. The stereo sound is inescapable."

The main usefulness seem to be with sonar systems and alike military use but one could tell that it would be possible to use this technique to revolutionize the ear-phone-industry.


"Really trying to beat daylight here"

24 hours and a movie made. The competition in NYC was just that - was it possible to make a film in a 24-hours period from scratch? Wired: PLAY is telling the story of New York City Midnight Moviemaking Madness and one team, One Steak Left, managed to make a film noir about a secret Santa. The thing was possible with the help of inspiration, transpiration and DV-cams. And of course, when doing creative work in a time-frame there's necessary to improvise: "We jumped in the cab with the laptop, cut the last scene en route, dumped it on tape while sitting outside DV Dojo, and dashed in to file at 11:55 pm." as the Double Windsors team told the reporter.



Most of the times there are rather boring surfing along on the Net's free spaces. Old vanitysites and cranked fan-sites. But sometimes you find a site that totally blew you off your feet. Elena is a young woman in Russia, and as her father is nuclear-physician she was one of the children who lived through the meltdown of Chernobyl in 1986. I too remember it very well. The fear and all the pollution that fell down even here.

Elena is riding a Kawasaki Ninja and takes trips into the closed area, she document the on-going catastrophe with her camera and puts it up in her site Ghost Town. It's truly fascinating to witness the mess, the totally death of a huge part of the land through her eyes. "The most exciting thing about rides in Ghosttown is to hit a red line on my bike's tacho and break this silence with roar of a wounded dinosaur and then to close throttle and listen how all those ghosts cursing 1100cc kawasaki engin." - and she goes there both for pleasure but also in a mood of sadness, telling about the catastrophe and the life before Chernobyl really was Wormwood.


The concept of a branded car

The magazine have listed the Ten Coolest Concept Cars in the world. This is the cars that is nothing more than a fantasy.

A conceptcar is nothing more than a very expensive way to build a company-brand. No concept car is possible to drive, some might go slow that a boy on a bike would win a race.

Fun, inspired and with a great "wow"-factor. That's the concept of a conceptcar.


Great guy moments

The glossy mens' paper Stuff is putting up a list of the 50 greatest guy moments. Some of the great moments:
43 Babylonians invent beer on January 19, 6000 B.C. On January 20, they invent the term dry heave.
30 The first pizza is delivered in 1889 The lucky recipient: Queen Margherita of Naples. Are Tums far behind?
19 Man invents fire in 1,418,000 B.C. …and goes on to invent the Weber Genesis Platinum Grill in 2000 A.D.
9 The bikini is invented in 1946. No model will wear it, so French designer Louis Reard has to hire a stripper to introduce it at a fashion show. The Vatican swiftly condemns it.
3 President Reagan jokingly kicks off nuclear war. While testing his microphone, he deadpans, “I’ve signed legislation that will outlaw Russia forever. We begin bombing in five minutes.”


Don't paw on my IP

Government Computer News (GCN) is running the story that the US Army and DARPA is making their way into the Age of Networking but of course: they will paw on the holy cow.

DARPA wants to see revamped are the Internet Protocol, the seven-layer Open Systems Interconnection model—which defines how devices communicate on today’s networks—and the von Neumann architecture, the basic design style underpinning almost all computers built today.

So - let the big boys play. The problem is that this probably will affect the whole Net.


Dangerous profits

Planning a vacation? Then you probably should cast an eye on this list that lists the World's Most Dangerous Destinations.

But the point that Forbes is making is that the business must go on and a lot of companies send their people to dangerous and hazardous surroundings to make some bucks. But they look to their men: Kroll for one is teaching their people in awareness training, including tips on health and hygiene, defensive driving techniques and in the worst-case scenario, an employee being kidnapped, Kroll will deploy personnel to handle it.


The robot challenge

The Grand Challenge, a competition of fifteen vehicles with silicon-brains at the steering-wheel in a 150 mile race through the Mojave-desert. It's the The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency at Pentagon sponsoring the challenge and the price to the winning vehicle was one million dollars.

But no one could cash-in cause as the flic at tell since all fifteen vehicles was disabled. But hey, it's not money wasted, it's learning money. Or not.


Famous robots

At The Robot Hall of Fame you are able to nominate the robot of your flav. The site's mission is to honor the landmarks of robot-science and is put up of the The School of Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. They both put the industrial- and the sci-firobots on the scene. And on the annual meeting 2003 they honored four robots: Mars Pathfinder Sojourner Rover, Unimate, R2-D2, and HAL 9000.

The jury is a really cool bunch of people from both the scientific as well as the sci-fiworld. Arthur C. Clarke, well-known sci-fi author and Sherry Turkle, who is professor at MIT and author of the book "".


Ugly site for a good purpose

This site is truly ugly. But Angelwear is for at good cause: they get celebrities to design clothes and stuff and the profit on each sold item is going as charity to an organisation of the celebs choice. Celebs participating is Phil Collins, John Carpenter, Flea and a big bunch others.

But why oh why do all charitysites have to be so ugly? Is it because it would be a contradiction to say that all profit goes to charity but seem to have invested in good design? Beats me. Couldn't a webdesigner bring his knowledge in charity work and do something about it?


Electricity from feces

This is really a strange thing New Scientist puts. Making electricity from sewage. The waste of our eating is possible to use as power. Truly a new definition of "dirty electricity" (organic fuel as oil and coal is often called it).

Since NS often use a language that goes over my head I can't really explain the technic but it's useful since we all have to go to the loo.

But it won't be in the near future: "One way to think of this technology is that it is currently at the state of development that solar power was 20 to 30 years ago - the principle has been shown, but there is a lot of work to do before this is widely used."´.


Letting of steam

Steve Forbes is letting off steam in his fact and comments-piece. What's with this big filings suing companies because of the products they sell and let customers freely choose to buy it or not. For me this somehow proves my theory on guilt: that the people in their forties-fifties is putting their guilt and shame externally. "I'm fat - that is McDonald's fault." or "I'm dying from lung-cancer - that must be Philip Morris to feel ashamed."

Television makers. Their sets force us to become couch potatoes, thereby damaging our health. They must share the blame for our national fatness.
• Ditto, TV programmers. If Hollywood and independent producers didn't produce shows, we'd be out jogging or exercising at the gym.
Auto companies. If they didn't make vehicles, there'd be less air pollution, no more carnage on the highways, no more of those aggravating insurance costs.
New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg and other antismoking zealots. Is it a coincidence that obesity has risen as tobacco use has declined? Cigarette-smoking boosts the metabolism; stop smoking--and wham!--the pounds pour on.
Trial lawyers. Thanks to their lawsuits, countless schools have shut down or curtailed activities on their playgrounds. Teen-agers aren't eating much more than they did in the past, but they're exercising 30% less than previous generations.
Volcanoes. A Krakatau-size eruption will spew more stuff into the atmosphere in a day than all the Earth's factories have done over the last 200 years. Since we can't collect money from volcanoes, we should shake down national governments that harbor these environmentally unsound entities. If the countries are too poor to pay, then Washington can put up the cash; after all, the U.S. is responsible for all of the woes of the world, isn't it?


Lost in transition

Lost in Translation is a movie, much talked about since it's Sophia Coppola - the daughter of the legend Francis Coppola - directed the flic, and I truly adore the site. It's beautiful and feel-good in someway, starting with some sort of classic movie-poster. Nice way to work with Flash™.

I can't say I'm an expert on moviesites since I'm no cinema-runner but I can feel that Hollywood and others in the movie-biz is good at using the Flash, using the interactive media in new and profound ways. Probably there is a creativity in the motion pictures industry that other might be lacking.