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Finibus Bonorum et Malorum is a work from Cicero. Chunks of this is a part of the Lorem ipsum - the dummytexts that is used in almost every sketch that creatives in advertising use.


No dildos in Alabama

If you want to buy a dildo or buttplug, or why not a doll with three holes you surely don't have to look for it anywhere in Alabama. The red-neck state have had a law since 1998 where the market of sex toys is forbidden. But since this is a question of the invidual and surely in some way the freedom of speech (ey, wrong lips...) the ban have been questioned. But the federal court OKs the ban: If the people of Alabama in time decide that a prohibition on sex toys is misguided, or ineffective, or just plain silly, they can repeal the law and be finished with the matter," the court said.

On the other hand, if we today craft a new fundamental right by which to invalidate the law, we would be bound to give that right full force and effect in all future cases including, for example, those involving adult incest, prostitution, obscenity, and the like.

I quote David Bowie: I'm afraid of Americans.


My name is...

My japanese name is 中島 Nakashima (center of the island) 大輝 Taiki (large radiance)
Japanese name generator

My penis's new name is Duncan Jones the Hedonistical Penis.
Name Your Penis

My very British name is Nigel Cavendish.

Very British Name Generator

My White Rapper Who Thinks He Is Black is Funkmasta' Nigga' The G-Unit.

The Silly White Guy Who Thinks He Is Actually A Black Gangsta' Rapper But Is Actually Trippin' Since He Is A White Fo'

My "Mega Hardcore Son-of-a-Bitch Punk-Ass "Don't give a Fuck 'bout Nuthin" name is Fuck Blair Not my Prime Minister.

The Mega Hardcore Son-of-a-Bitch Punk-Ass "Don't give a Fuck 'bout Nuthin Name Generator

My God-damned hippie name is Lilac Cornucopia.

The Damned Hippie Name Generator

My Rich White Republican Name is Clayton "Inside Trader" Johnson.

Rich White Republican Name Generator

My Non-Motivated, Non-Powered Superhero name is: is Sandwich Maniac.

Take Superhero Without Any Powers or Motivation Name Generator

My Swedish name is Claes Gustafsson.

Take The Stereotypical Swedish Viking Name Generator

My 90's pop star name is Spinmaster Bandit.

Take Your Early 90s Pop Star Name Generator

More on Rum and Monkey: The Name Generator Generator (thanx dabitch)

Old School portable

Boom Box

When everyone is carrying around small players with huge amount of harddiskspace this is some sort of retro: a bloody earcrushing-internals-killer-boomblaster. " delivers nothing but pure, unadultareated power"

Stuffmagazine is lining up a set of audioplayers for the summer. And this is nothing more than a spaceshipdestroyerwannabe. Read about all the earcracking gear at Stuffmagz Boom Box Buffet


Look-a-like depressed

In this look-a-like competition we have two music gigants: who is Elton John and who is Ian Paice? Left right or what?

I feel depressed...


The looking through concrete

Concrete is a massive material. Not anymore. The LiTraCon-company have managed to make concrete that are almost transparent. There's no more magic than that the company have let glass fibres be embedded into the wet concrete which give the concrete blocks that let the light pass through. (via Veer).


Small bots inside

Futurist says: Prepare for the Nanorobots.

Duck and take cover

Jen is mad. "everyone around here loved him [Reagan] oh so much, but if you don't stop and just face the fact he's dead already and move on he'll come back a zombie and start eating brains - and how presidential is that really? Please end the insanity."Attn. Cincinnati/Very Big Blog


Pink Pantzer

Cubitt Artists did get a tank and painted it pink. It feels more nice than before. It's parked in London, maybe as a reminder that even the deadliest weapon can have a kinder makeover... (via Fazed)

I've been riding since I was seventeen

Ouha! Look at that tummy... these hooters...Come to me Catherine... :) More: Stuff Mag

China censors SMS

Reporters sans frontiers reports that the Chinese government is censoring short messages sent via the cellular.

Here in Sweden a murdertrial revived the fact that one can get even deleted SMS back.

Blog Of Reality

A Emergency worker is writing a blog about the life in the midst of chaos: Random Acts Of Reality and when being interviewed by The Guardian he's somewhat "slashdotted" and worries about his bandwidth. This is good blogging. (via LinkMachine)


Outside the justice

Human Rights First is reporting that US have up to 24 secret detentioncamps, a sort of Gulags, where they hold somewhat twelvethousand people without trial. Read the whole report: Ending Secret Detentions.


SUVs don't walk on water

Shit, it didn't float! A woman from Hawaii didn't have control on the horsepowers and lands in a pool of the 80-year old woman. The cost of the operation [to get it out the pool] was estimated to be between $2,500 and $5,000.

Mimi Campanella was shaken by Saturday's incident, and doctors advised her to get back on the road soon, her husband said.

But that's probably going to take some convincing, he said.

Read the story in The Honolulu Advertiser via SixFruit6.

Payback time

The maker of "Girls Gone Wild" (a sort of "with-money&booze-you-get-anyone-to-do-everything" serial) have started to have guys do the same thing as the girls he have been making a fortune out of. Read more at Adrants.

Coke's competition worries the military

The US Military is worried about Coca Cola Company's new competition which involves both GPS-chips and mobilechips, and all this on the can itself.

"Specially rigged Coke cans, part of a summer promotion, contain cell phones and global positioning chips. That has officials at some installations worried the cans could be used to eavesdrop, and they are instituting protective measures." (

"We're asking people to open the cans and not bring it in if there's a GPS in it," said Master Sgt. Jerry Meredith, a Fort Knox spokesman. "It's not like we're examining cans at the store. It's a pretty commonsense thing." and Paul Saffo is comparing the worries about the GPS-cans with the worries about the CIA ban of the toy Furbies. (Wired News)


Do not touch my banana!

SouthBend Tribune is telling the story of how gen-scientists is trying to make bananas that taste different. Whattabout a banana tasting apples? Or whisky?

"There's a chiquita" says the girl about her boyfriend's apparatus. (via ad-rag)



Nothing for the nervous. E-SHROOMS!