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Finibus Bonorum et Malorum is a work from Cicero. Chunks of this is a part of the Lorem ipsum - the dummytexts that is used in almost every sketch that creatives in advertising use.


The fountain of... chocolate

Chocolate Fountain: chocolate-lovers, the spectacular Chocolate Fountain really does flow with lashings of liquid choccy. All you have to do is fill it up, turn it on and watch in wonder. Once you've recovered from the shock of seeing those mesmerising curtains of cascading Belgian chocolate you can get busy dipping your delicacies into the fountain's warm liquid embrace.

To me it looks rather dis-tasty... (via Barseblog)


The danger of bicycling

FAZED: This is no boom. Ouch! And people just continue to strolling by. The danger of bicycling indeed.


With mobilecam no perv is safe

New York Daily News: ""I saw him massaging himself and then he unzipped and pulled it out. I thought, 'I can't believe he's doing this in the middle of the day!' "
The subway car was mostly empty and Nguyen felt nervous, so she pulled out her Samsung P777 cell phone, equipped with a 1.3 megapixel digital phone.[...]"he posted the degenerate's photo on the Web sites Flickr and Craigslist, and bloggers began linking to her site.
. And here's ... Johnny!


Hot blow job

Perez Hilton gives another one: Tara Reid is one hot bitch. Kinda firing blow job on this one:

The little shemale of Tompa

Perez Hilton gives away: Who is this?

I give you some clues:
Top Gun
Making out with young Katie Holmes.


Hubby for hire

Ananova: "Nadia Manfroid, from Brussels, says she's sick of spending all her time with her husband Denis, 28.
She wants some time to herself to visit the shops or go to the cinema.
Denis has entered into the spirit of the auction and says he's willing to do everything - except have sex.
He said: "I'd prefer a lady to take me out for dinner during these four hours. But if she wants I will also do the washing up, cut the grass, paint the kitchen or watch the dog."

"I also want to escort a lady to a party. In fact I'll do anything except sex."


Rules for gunfight (re-post)

1. Have a plan.

2. Have a backup-plan if the first doesn't work.

(Pay your life insurance.). Read the Rules for a Gunfight. Strange.


Dumb villain

Probably the most stupid villain. A man tries to rob Gary Spirito, host of the Shopping Mania Auction Show in Fort Smith, Arkansas. In the middle of the show sent live over radio. The Milwaukee Channel have the stuff. (via Boing Boing)


Some sort of stupid stunt: flaring your parachute. This is the real crazy guys - bikers in NYC with a deathwish.

I love the explanation on the site:

College students never fail to come up with brilliant ideas like jumping out of the fourth floor of their dorm. I think the reason you don’t see more people doing stuff like this later on in life is because they all died in college.
and the fact that the flic have "I believe I can fly" as musiclayer...

Time for Xtreme stunts and owned stupidity

Some guys who do martial art-stunts. Totally freaked: EMC Monkeys. Check a flic here. And in the higher grounds - Joe Jennings total xtreme skydivers: the reel. Here's some outtake with a cool parkour and good stunts. And now for the real stuff: crashes compilation.
And to all us who never do stupid things: owned.


Coke river

Wired: Drug enforcement officials may soon have an accurate yet secret way to detect drug use -- the toilets of the world.
Italian scientists discovered that nearly 10 pounds of cocaine residues flow into Italy's Po River every day.

Time to stop the kids swimming in the river...


The Great Flip-Flop Scandal

Slate: "The last time a thong was glimpsed at the White House, it was clinging to the backside of Monica Lewinsky. But recently thongs of a different sort—the shoes more popularly known as flip-flops—appeared at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. In a photograph of the Northwestern University women's lacrosse team taken with President Bush, four sets of flip-flops are plainly on display. The president, a lacrosse stick in each hand, appears characteristically unfazed. The girls smile tranquilly, unaware that their exposed toes are a scandal in the making."

It would have been much more fun if the thong been on Bubya.