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Swedish IT-guru helps tsunamivictims

Johan Staël von Holstein, one of the foremost entrepreneurs during the IT-boom in the late nineties - creator and owner of the Icon Medialab, have collected money and have travelled to Thailand. Toghether with his friend Andreas Buöen will he try to create value, humanistic value, for both tourists and the locals. His wife have stayed in Sweden to collect more funds to help and function as connection between her husband and Andreas, and the contacts they need in Sweden. At their site you can follow their work (only in Swedish). "The have given away 5,000 meals to needing. Given away mosquitonets, blankets, tarpaulins and tools to a fishermen-village who lost all their belongings.

Andreas have started a project to locate the swedish children who is said to be given med-care at hospitals but then is diseappeared. The anxiety is of course that these children have been found by the "wrong sort" of tourists in Thailand..." Link:

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