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Finibus Bonorum et Malorum is a work from Cicero. Chunks of this is a part of the Lorem ipsum - the dummytexts that is used in almost every sketch that creatives in advertising use.


Happy to be scammed

Blind Höna: The Swedish blogger Blind Höna (blind hen) found a old newspaper (from 14th of Dec) where a couple of people are mad at a travel agency who scammed them on a trip to Sri Lanka. They should've gone there over Xmas. Today they're probably thankful to the scammer.


The outsaucing in Oregon Golden Arches "The McDonald's restaurant in Hermiston, Oregon appears to be 'outsaucing' customers drive-thru meals.
When a customer drives through, they'll be patched through to Grand Forks, North Dakota to place the order. Why? Because the minimum wage in North Dakota is $5.15, compared to Oregon's $7.25."

Pretty good when dealing with robbers and stickheads.


Team Party Crash - celebs likes boobs

So many people to like the boobs of Pamela Andersson:



I have an image of Jesus on my penis

I have an image of Jesus on my penis: It's not a tattoo or anything I have deliberately done: I thought it was a little dirt or grime at first, but some soapy water and a brillo pad quickly disproved that theory, and there He was, smiling beatifically at me from just below my glans penis. My girlfriend is a devout Christian, who, when she first saw this apparition, dropped to her knees, exclaiming, " Jesus Christ", which I at first arrogantly misinterpreted as an exaggerated compliment on my manhood. Needless to say, I was more than a little disappointed to learn the true reason for her impulsive ejaculation..


The Dark Side of Bush

Boing Boing


Satannnnn | CafePress: "'

 Fitted T-Shirt

Fitted T-Shirt
Extra-fun since "fitt" means "pussy" in Swedish.

Simon Cowell disses Beyonce Knowles "'She's not sexy, she hasn't got a great body and she's not a great singer.'
-- 'American Idol' judge SIMON COWELL, on singer BEYONCE KNOWLES, in Esquire magazine."

That guy are deaf, dumb and fucking blind.


Jenna Jameson for iRiver

I bet I know what happened next, too: he fixes the cable.

Fart again

Perfume spoof. Pretty cool and mean: Feline spoof.

They all cried out

A good piece on blogging. MSNBC - Die Blogger kommen

She is nude. Scrubbed after a chem-attack

...and the American FCC is saying it's "non-essential" nude scene. Just another proof of the American double standards. BBC NEWS: US TV cuts nudity from BBC film


Borlange hits the big guns

Excite News: "Noisy lovemaking is no cause for eviction - so long as it's done in the daytime, a Swedish landlord said Thursday.The Tunabyggen housing company in Borlaenge, 137 miles northwest of Stockholm, made the decision after the neighbors of one amorous couple complained about their afternoon delights.
But the company, which runs the block of apartments, said lovemaking is part of normal family life and not grounds for eviction.
Indeed, it's the law. Under the Swedish Housing Act, neighbors are not to be disturbed by loud noises - be it music, television or love making in the evening. But that law also guarantees the right of tenants to a normal family life, too.
Tunabyggen's marketing director Lena Lundberg said the complaint about the lovemaking was akin to that of a family with noisy children whose crying could disturb the neighbors.
The complaint, which was filed this week, was thrown out, she added, because the noise wasn't at night.
"It's comparable with babies having colic," she said, adding that a family with a crying baby couldn't be evicted."


Fix the nails the geek-way

The Product. The source. Listen know: in the forthcoming serial "Products Powered By The USB" we have come to the nailpolisher-set.

Build Your Own BSD Beer Brewing Control System

Slashdot: "'Here's a great use for some of your old hardware, a BSD beer brewing kit! Components: one 486, FreeBSD, a temperature logger kit, a relay board, some odds and ends from the useful box, and some time. Summer's just around the corner, so get to work gang!'"

Pentagon considered gay sex bomb

Exploding Cigar: "The Pentagon considered developing a host of non-lethal chemical weapons that would disrupt discipline and morale among enemy troops including an aphrodisiac weapon that would make soldiers have gay sex with one another. Other ideas included a weapon to attract angry rats to troop positions and a halitosis weapon. It is not known if any of the proposed ideas were persued."


More gaming

"Maybe it's not a crime to sex up the leading ladies, particularly if they retain some character development. But what about Vivendi's upcoming Red Ninja, which claims to incorporate sexuality as a gameplay mechanic, allowing main character Kurenai to seduce unsuspecting guards?"

A article about the sexism in gameplay. (Getting the Girl from 1UP.COM)

Gamers are regular humans

Biz Yahoo!: "Forty-five percent of gamers volunteer at an average 5.4 hours per month. Sixty-one percent of game players engage in some type of religious activity for several hours each month. Ninety-three percent of game players read books or daily newspapers, while sixty-two percent often attend cultural events, such as concerts, museums, or the theater. Fifty percent spend time painting, writing, or playing an instrument. Ninety-four percent follow news and current events, and 78 percent report that they vote in most of the elections for which they are eligible."


Send a Message to God

Slate: "And so, no longer guaranteed an adoring public, he starts to make nice. He calls back avalanches poised to wipe out whole villages; he brings rain to drought-stricken communities; he cures fatally handicapped babies in the womb, or prevents such flawed conceptions before they happen. He presents tokens of his love to malaria victims and children paralyzed by auto accidents. Africa blooms with peace and prosperity.". Funny thingy this girl.


Ceci n’est pas une pipe

62-foot stogie. Great puffing ahead. Largest cigar is rolled in Puerto Rico by Patricio Pena. 20 pounds (9 kilograms) of Puerto Rican and Pennsylvanian tobacco and hundred leaves to roll the stogie. The materialcost was about $2,000 but the record-attempt was sponsored by San Juan's city government, Bacardi rum company and Telemundo television station. (Source:

Cheap coke for the britons

"A line of the deadly Class A drug costs just £1.95 — 20 per cent less than it did ten years ago.". Cheap drugs flooding british streets and somehow it sounds like the game of Dopewars.
Source:The Sun Newspaper Online


Chemical jewelry

Nice design. Love it. Jewelry inspired by the chemical world. muscovie design | jewelry (via mymarkup)

The socialistic lifestyle

The North Korean authorities have started what can be said being a communistic-fashion trend - a campaign against the long-haired men. "It stressed the "negative effects" of long hair on "human intelligence development", noting that long hair "consumes a great deal of nutrition" and could thus rob the brain of energy.". Of course the wardrobe is trimmed too: "Dressing in accordance with our people's emotion and taste" link clothes and appearance with the wearer's "ideological and mental state".
Tidy attire "is important in repelling the enemies' manoeuvres to infiltrate corrupt capitalist ideas and lifestyle and establishing the socialist lifestyle of the military-first era," the radio says.
. And although hair is the 'headline' wearing tidy shoes is the important for the righteous commi-head: "No matter how good the clothes, if one does not wear tidy shoes, one's personality will be downgraded.".

Surf the croc

The tsunami have both given us tragic stories and hero-legends. But already in the late 1900s century there is a story about a great tsunami and a german who surfed the wave on a gigantic crocodile. BBC NEWS has the story.


Top Ten War Profiteers of 2004

Nobody can't say that a war is bad for bizniz. If you're an American company that to say. Metro News Network - Top Ten War Profiteers of 2004

Swedish IT-guru helps tsunamivictims

Johan Staël von Holstein, one of the foremost entrepreneurs during the IT-boom in the late nineties - creator and owner of the Icon Medialab, have collected money and have travelled to Thailand. Toghether with his friend Andreas Buöen will he try to create value, humanistic value, for both tourists and the locals. His wife have stayed in Sweden to collect more funds to help and function as connection between her husband and Andreas, and the contacts they need in Sweden. At their site you can follow their work (only in Swedish). "The have given away 5,000 meals to needing. Given away mosquitonets, blankets, tarpaulins and tools to a fishermen-village who lost all their belongings.

Andreas have started a project to locate the swedish children who is said to be given med-care at hospitals but then is diseappeared. The anxiety is of course that these children have been found by the "wrong sort" of tourists in Thailand..." Link:


Wrong foot

Doctors amputated the wrong foot. The patient survived. News From The Associated Press via Exploding Cigar.

British schoolgirl saves lives in Phuket

Tilly Smith show how education can be important. She warned a lot of people in one of the beaches in Phuket before the tsunami. She remembered what her teacher in geography had teached her about tsunamis and earthquakes, and when the water diseappeared she told her mom who alerted people all around. (ITV news)

New Earth Time ... 360 degrees of internet time

Another way to measure the time. New Earth Time ... 360 degrees of internet time