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Finibus Bonorum et Malorum is a work from Cicero. Chunks of this is a part of the Lorem ipsum - the dummytexts that is used in almost every sketch that creatives in advertising use.


Tits for peace

Breasts not bombs: "On Saturday, July 23, an impromptu crew of exhibitionists and flashers decided it was a good day to expose their private parts to everyone in Berkeley. In order to avoid possible arrest, they cleverly disguised their public sexual escapade as a political protest. They dubbed the protest "Breasts Not Bombs."

Somehow it feel like Bush and his cohorts is starting the old fashioned ways of protesting... (via


It's war "Each year, months before the battle, the participants design and construct weaponry and armor to improve the quality and quantity of 'ammunition' they can fire at the opposing team. Any size/type of fireworks you can afford is fair game, with a few guidelines set in place so we don't literally blow each other to bits... completely."


via Boing Boing


Childs play

Roundabout solves water problem: "Cavorting on a roundabout has always been fun for children. Now pure, clean borehole water can be pumped into water storage tanks while the playground roundabout equipment is in use. The Play-Pump is a specifically designed and patented playground roundabout that drives conventional borehole pumps, keeping costs and maintenance to an absolute minimum, while entertaining the children."

- Kids, time to get out and play - dad wanna take a shower!. (via Boing Boing)


dailyrecord: "A MAN who shoved a fire extinguisher hose up a pal's bottom and set it off was yesterday told to pay his victim £4500 compensation.[...]He then felt an object being placed in his back passage and he became aware of a loud hissing sound and the fire extinguisher being discharged. 'He was in immediate pain but didn't realise the extent of his pain until he got up to go to work and realised he was bleeding from his rectum.'"

I say - kids, never drink and prank. Not with the fire extinguisher. Nor with your pal's rectum.


"They're covering all the bases"

Boing Boing: Willie Nelsons new album "Countryman" have made the recordlabel sort of sweaty.

One, with the pot leaves, will be the original but the Wal-Mart won't sell it so they done a palm-tree-artwork.


More on the China Way

Excite News: "A crowd of several thousand people, including China's ministers of extreme sports and culture, gathered at the Ju Yong Guan Gate about a 40-minute drive from Beijing, Quiksilver's greater China marketing director Ryan Hollis said."

Minister of extreme sports... my godness... hang loose.

Danny Way Mega X Event

Danny Way Mega X Event: Not one, not two - but five times jumping over the Great Wall of China... Danny Way and his Megaramp is totally insane...


Strange behavior

Roofskater: In development trial and error is the thing. This guy is trying. And trying. And trying.