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Finibus Bonorum et Malorum is a work from Cicero. Chunks of this is a part of the Lorem ipsum - the dummytexts that is used in almost every sketch that creatives in advertising use.



Can't help it: Guns & Ammo is somewhat cult.


Win next inhousefight

Do you fail to win the argument with your mizzus? Or do you feel under the gun when trying to discuss with your boss.

This is probably not the website that will make you a rhetorical Magic Johnson but maybe you can catch up some moves and useful tricks. (How to Win Arguments)


100's from the movies

American Film Institute is putting up the 100 best songs from the movies. And of course: Somewhere over the rainbow won.

They got other funny lists: 100 best laughs, 100 heroes & villains and of course: 100 best movies and it's Citizen Kane.

5 signs

Nobody loves you

  • Your mom doesn’t return your calls.
  • You need a kidney, and your siblings are “all out.”
  • The only shoulder you can cry on is beside a road. (Zing!)
  • You told the waiter it was your birthday, and he ate your complimentary brownie.
  • You’re an FHM subscriber*.


*FHM is the number one of "guy-lifestyle-magz" in Britain.


Flynt goes down the drain

Apparently Hustler publisher Larry Flynt tried to track down rumors that George Bush, at 25, got a girlfriend pregnant and paid for her illegal abortion. He was never able to prove the rumor, but he dropped hints about it, and the press ignored him. Popculture junkmail

Larry Flynt will be put out of business alike Howard Stern was, kicked from the Clear Channel-driven radiostation. The shit have hit the fan one time too much.

Cool as hell

Is Teamryouko running a ninja training camp?. I don't know but this long video on guys who totally let gravity cease to exist. A must see...

Less of Lessig

Lawrence Lessig is the joker of the juridical world, a man who challenge both the juridical experts and the status quo of capitalism. But if one put the head into the mouth of the lion on will be scared. The big boys are provoked and writes about him in an unfashioned way: Forbes: Let's Have Less Of Lessig


Time spent (or wasted)

The site Where did the time go? (from BT!) is awesome. Look at the fabulous loading animation. And test yourself on how much time you have spent sleeping (that can't be true on me), worked for the man and on the loo. It's pretty nice work and both fun and disturbing.

Backstage Riders

The guys at The Smoking Gun have an extensive collection of riders from rockstars. Fun reading it is.


A good wife

A great instruction guide for all wifeys out there. Of course. And I pray that my missus doesn't read this...

Via Faced


Maybe cuz he's ugly

The inevitable question of why people close their eyes when kissing. There is a plethora of theories around the topic: the biological theorem is that the lips have a similarity to the woman's vagina and when kissing the homonoclus functions of a person's brain is overinformed and there is a chance of sensory overload.

Another theory of the kissing action is that our eyes can't focus in stereo in that close range and therefore we close them.

Maybe it is a simple explanation: shyness. Or that the other one is ugly to look at. (Strait Times)


Google hardware in the early days

How did it all start? With Lego... Take a look at the beginning of Google, the hardware that formed a brand new verb: "to google".

This gear was placed in the dorm of the later Berkeley-dropouts who started "just another searchengine"... and the rest is history (and so is Altavista).


Defame the famous

Paris Hilton showing her stuff. JLo and Affleck fights and make up. On and on the stories of the Hollywoods rich and famous goes on. And Defamer writes about it.

Gold workous

Haven't you wondered how the gyms look like where the rich and famous transpire their guts out?

Of course do give us a glimpse in The Rich Man's Workout


"I didn't want someone new to love.
I just wanted a f---."

Some articles on the subject of dogging and advertising for sex-only. The fact that "normal" people, both sexes, is looking for casual sex with strangers through the net or through traditional ads in papers. A fling and a pure erotic experience is their main objective - no more, no less.

Read a couple of articles about it:

The Age
Wired News
UK Swingers Website

USA tries to put the Greenpeace out of business

US claims that the environment organization is guilty of sail mongering. That's an 19th century law to protect the companies from their competitors who sent prostitutes to the competitioners ship, either brothels who was waiting at beach, and put the crew out of business with the help of sex and booze. (Reuters)

The right way

Sometimes I think it's fun to read the very hard 'right-wingish' news and articles in the USNews. All you even can fantazise about the Christian Right is proven being a fact.

Debra Haffner, a Unitarian Universalist minister heads the Religious Institute on Sexual Morality, Justice, and Healing, have written the book: From Diapers to Dating: A Parent's Guide to Raising Sexually Healthy Children. And reading the article in USNews gets one really sad about the state of the nation.

In the 1998 edition of your book, you typed "sex " in an Internet search engine and got 260,000 matches. This time around: 260 million matches. The message for parents?
No parents would let their 13-year-old go to an X-rated bookstore and wander around. But that's what the Internet provides for them. People say to me, "My child wouldn't go looking for that." Remember how you looked up "sex" in the dictionary in fifth grade? If you want to monitor your child's Internet use, a computer with Internet access doesn't belong in the child's room. (A master of sex ed in

The reverend don't seem to notice that a lot of this hits on the searchterm isn't about "sex" - it can likely be about the genus - same sex and likely. And of course will sites with Sex Pistols come up. Talk about being stupid.


Fahrenheit 9/11 Trailer

This is what everyone talking about: Fahrenheit 9/11 Trailer


NYT finds RSS

Time to wake up. The New York Times is writing about the "R.S.S" (sounds more like a battleship) and explains it in terms that somehow make me think of an application rather than a media.

Good morning. Slept well?


NYC ban on subway photos

The NYC subway system is thinking of banning photos on the platforms and trains. The argument is that somehow, photos of trains and platforms (not switching stations, conductor compartments, or control centres) will aid terrorists, and therefore that banning photos will make New Yorkers feel safer. So, basically, this is a stupid idea with an even stupider justification.

The Village Voice is holding a Forbidden Photos contest to shoot cool, arty pix of the NYC subway, and to kick it off, they've interviewed a bunch of photogs who shoot underground all the time about why they work on the subway:
More on this at Village Voice (cited from BoingBoing)


Industrial Light And Magic

The Industrial Light & Magic is probably the most famous of all FX-studios and their filmography is gigantic and filled with big flix. And of course - it's a LucasFilms company.