Citations, sites, quotas and stuff that seem to be non-neglecteble. A more non-conform way to spy on the trends and the world.
Finibus Bonorum et Malorum is a work from Cicero. Chunks of this is a part of the Lorem ipsum - the dummytexts that is used in almost every sketch that creatives in advertising use.


Inside the head of a script-kid

Andy, a sec-admin have infiltrated some groups of script-kiddies who phreaking conference phone lines and starting som Ddos-attacking. This NewsForge-pick is telling the story and getting a brief look into the life of the script-kiddies.

"most virus creators are typical for their age, are on good terms with friends and family and are often contributors to their local community. [...]teenagers became virus writers because they saw creating such programs as a technical challenge. [...]Others write viruses because their friends tinker with technology and it is just another way of exploring what can be done with computers. For some groups writing and releasing a virus is an act of protest". The words are from Sarah Gordon, a researcher and maybe the most well-informed expert on the psychology of the virus-writer. Though she have somewhat dull "adult" views on the hacker- and viruswriting communities it's interesting to read her views.


Face off before burning burgers

Biometrics is the new gun for capitalists. Using face-recognition, fingerprints and such the workforce of McDonald's in Winnipeg and the workers on some fishprocessing plant is controlled.

The privacy experts is worried since the laws isn't safe-guarding employees' integrity being exploited. The article in Globetechnology tells the story.


Oops... it happened again

The sentence "wardrobe malfunction" might be this years phrase for impact on the English language. It was used when Janet show her nipple at the Super Bowl and stole all the attention from the expensive ad-spots that otherwise use to be the discussion afterwards (since the match usually are rather dull). Read more of the history of the word at The Word Spy

The latest wardrobe malfunction was when The Britney Boob was looking at the world in a concert for a group of radio producers in Miami. (reported in the Swedish tabloid Aftonbladet)


The desktop of the creatives

How do the most creative people make up their desktops? At Ad to the Bone's Boneyards of the Creative you're able to see some of them.

And one can see that the almost generic interest of small plastic figures still lives, the expensive cartoon dolls and such have a market with the thirty-somethings in creative work.

Another thing one can see is that the almost nasty expensive rooms is no more. But it´s the ordinary voyeristic interest that starts when coming to this.


Most hated company in tech

Which is the most hated company in tech? Well - SCO is really making a run for the number one place after suing almost everyone using Linux or other spin-off-operatives from the UNIX-original. The piece above is telling the whole story of the lawsuits and how come a small ant take on the big elephants.

An interesting thought is that with the SCO slashing Big Blue that company changed from the hated huge monster of the computing world to a victim of a stupid patentsuit.


Cyber bullying

Did you also see the flic with the obese Canadian guy doing Star Wars-moves? Well, you're not alone. The plethora of fun homevideos, hidden camera shots and fakes is huge and the amount is rising. Cyberbullying it's called. And there's (of course) a special site for the phenomen and it really tells that this will be worse the more cellular cameras, broadband and advanced hackertools become common goods.

"[...]cyber bullying is worse than the regular schoolyard kind because it knows no bounds of time, space or geography. A bullied child used to be able to go home to escape. " and the adult world is frightened about the rapid development of the use of IM and such.

Ghyslain, the Star Wars-kid, was so hur by the attention that he was threatened under psychiatric care. But the speed is up: the story of the Japanese kid, also rather obese who was dressing in the locker room and was photographed with a cellular camera and the pic was all over the school before he had left the gym.

The question is who will be the scapegoat? The technic or the people using it in bad ways?


Predict the future

Innovation Futures is a prediction-game. One of them all. Such games is really triggering the deep human wish of managing to tell the future. In this game it's predicting the outcome of several tech news that the game leader supply.

The game is started by MIT Technology Review and it's a huge probability that your deeds will be used in the science of MIT, the most innovative university in recent year with people as Negroponte and Turkle as teachers and professors.

The outcome for the participator is the chance to win a tablet-PC and stuff from HP.


Listen to the drums, boy

Now the saying "I hear it inside my head" will be something more real that just a psychological expression since the company Etrema have made a special metal solution that makes it possible to hear music inside your head without irritating others. In the notice Turn Your Head Into Speakers one guy is testing the new way of listening and his experience is direct: "It feels like the loud crunch that fills my head when I bite into a tortilla chip, except the crunch is music. The stereo sound is inescapable."

The main usefulness seem to be with sonar systems and alike military use but one could tell that it would be possible to use this technique to revolutionize the ear-phone-industry.


"Really trying to beat daylight here"

24 hours and a movie made. The competition in NYC was just that - was it possible to make a film in a 24-hours period from scratch? Wired: PLAY is telling the story of New York City Midnight Moviemaking Madness and one team, One Steak Left, managed to make a film noir about a secret Santa. The thing was possible with the help of inspiration, transpiration and DV-cams. And of course, when doing creative work in a time-frame there's necessary to improvise: "We jumped in the cab with the laptop, cut the last scene en route, dumped it on tape while sitting outside DV Dojo, and dashed in to file at 11:55 pm." as the Double Windsors team told the reporter.