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Cyber bullying

Did you also see the flic with the obese Canadian guy doing Star Wars-moves? Well, you're not alone. The plethora of fun homevideos, hidden camera shots and fakes is huge and the amount is rising. Cyberbullying it's called. And there's (of course) a special site for the phenomen and it really tells that this will be worse the more cellular cameras, broadband and advanced hackertools become common goods.

"[...]cyber bullying is worse than the regular schoolyard kind because it knows no bounds of time, space or geography. A bullied child used to be able to go home to escape. " and the adult world is frightened about the rapid development of the use of IM and such.

Ghyslain, the Star Wars-kid, was so hur by the attention that he was threatened under psychiatric care. But the speed is up: the story of the Japanese kid, also rather obese who was dressing in the locker room and was photographed with a cellular camera and the pic was all over the school before he had left the gym.

The question is who will be the scapegoat? The technic or the people using it in bad ways?

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