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Nr 1 britblogging

Guardian Unlimited have issued The best of British blogging of the year. I say that is really a good work of the lads at the online-staff of the paper since it is like chosing the best website from the whole net. But they done it and you are the judge of their ability to choose the best blog from all the diverse blogs at the Net.

"All the blogs mentioned here are exceptional. They are a testament to the growing richness of British blogging. They demonstrate great design, good writing and smart use of links to provide a series of windows on worlds we would otherwise never know about. This was exactly the intention of the awards when we first began them in 2002."

So who did win? Well - there is a lot of them but the special juror award did go to LinkMachineGo.

Blogs worth noting is the winner of the photo category: NYCLONDON and the strange (fictive?) blog of the call-girl in London: Belle de Jour. But the most strange one is truly the London Underground Tube Diary where a guy is just writing and share photos from his ordinary daily routine as a employee at the London Tube.