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Barbie with burka

No way that girls in Arab-countries should not be able to play with Barbies but of course their Barbies can't show their hair. So Razanne is here.

A muslim version of Barbie: "the doll not only fills a marketing gap but also offers Muslim girls someone they can relate to" as Noorart Inc., the company who made the doll explains. It fills a market void where muslim parents don't want their girls to play with the curly, blonde and curved original-Barbie. But Razanne have aspirations of being a modern Muslim woman and the target groups seem to be the Muslimcommunity in Britain and USA.

Mattel - the Barbiecompany, is selling a Morrocan Barbie called Leyla, and of course her accessoires is the one of belly dancing and concubine. And the company is rather silent about the competition from the Noorart Inc. and Razanne.

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