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When the cultures collide

Two stories which shows that the Global Village still is far away runs in Mediaguardian. First it's the Arabic version of the reality-show Big Brother, a hit in the western hemisphere, but really a scandal beauty in the countries influenced by strong islamic belief: there was an outcry about the fact that men and women, not being married or related, slept under the same roof and the fact that the traditional woman's robe wasn't worn by the women in the show.

The other story is about the first arabic reality-show Al Hawa Sawa - Being Together - where eight women lived together in a Big Brother-like situation and then there was men who could see them and propose marriage. The winner was to be chosen by the audience. But the problem was already there, both where the more fundamentalistic islamists said the show was too liberal and by the liberal wing who meant the show did support the traditional ways in marriage. And when there were rumours of drinking around two of the girls and when one of the final contestants did change her mind about the marriage the show surely was in the gutter of the drain of television. The fact that the show had a runaway bride was too much.

The education on this have to be that there no such thing as Media is the message or that we all live in a global village as Marshall McLuhan put it - there are not that big similarities between the cultures of the world that make it possible to lift in one mediaformat into whatever context.

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