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Microsoft slashed by Amnesty

Microsoft is put in shame by Amnesty because of the company's selling applications to help the Chinese legislation to censor the Net and find dissidents using the online-techs.

'We are focused on delivering the best technology to people throughout the world. However, how that technology is used is with the individual and ultimately not in the company's control.' says Microsoft in defence of the report.

Amnesty's report as reported in The Observer tells that: "China is the world's most aggressive censor of the internet. Websites are banned for using words such as 'Taiwan', 'Tibet', 'democracy', 'dissident' and 'human rights'. Amnesty has recorded dozens of cases of political opponents jailed for circulating material offensive to the Chinese government."

It´s really a strange combination of non-consequence capitalism and trying to save the contracting for the huge OS-contract of China (which is one of the states that have said that they are interested in Linux).

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