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PR-firm to help Bushy

The Bush Administration may soon be on the hunt for a PR firm to lead a controversial campaign educating the American public about the skills required to sustain a marriage. As Dr. Wade Horn, assistant secretary for children and families with the Department of Health and Human Services puts it: "What we need to say is that healthy marriages are attainable not just through luck, but with skills, and then to make sure that the services are actually available in those [poorer] communities,".

But as Mark Shields, Human Rights Campaign spokesman say: "We think it's ironic that while the President is launching this $1.5 billion marriage promotion initiative, his administration is also considering a constitutional amendment that would permanently deny the rights, protections, and stability of marriage to millions of same-sex couples who want to enter into it,".

And the fact that Bush and his cohorts is big on banning partnerships between gaypeople, on the pro-life-issue and the pressure on people on welfare.

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