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Finibus Bonorum et Malorum is a work from Cicero. Chunks of this is a part of the Lorem ipsum - the dummytexts that is used in almost every sketch that creatives in advertising use.


The Orwellian Time

There´s a lot talk in Sweden about the surveillance-cameras and the ever-continuing surveillance of our common space. In London there is 2,5 m cameras and now Sweden is going in the same direction. The critics is talking about an Orwellian state, the Big Brother-reality. But what they are forgetting is that in the novel "1984" the Big Brother is one, a state. The surveillancecams we are talking about is not controlled by one person or one organization - they´re mainly for safety or to make thiefs not willing to steal or rob.

I might think that the fright is in the picture of the Big Brother as always be able to know what a person is doing and that the cameras can't lie (well they can...) but they reality is both better and also maybe worse. Better since there's nothing that can be a Big Brother - no state in the modern world has both the technology and the state that would make it possible. But it might be worse since the possibility of control over the pictures is weak and on many hands; the pics of a wellknown person can be sold-out and the picture is maybe the most informationdense thing.

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